Emmie Fox likes to sit on heads too


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  • Michael Suchocki
    Michael SuchockiVor 23 Tage

    at least she tried to sit on a head like a Dixiedo girl..she doesnt quite have it yet ..close though

  • Angel Wolfheart
    Angel WolfheartVor Monat

    After this, Mikayla is going to be like "Please come sit on my head Dixie!"

  • Alex Gregersen
    Alex GregersenVor Monat

    Yeah eat that hat it is ugly.

  • Christine Mushala
    Christine MushalaVor Monat

    I hope female foxes don't mark their territory like the males do, otherwise Mikayla having her hat chewed will be the least of her problems!!!🤣

  • Leah Warner
    Leah WarnerVor Monat

    That was hilarious! XD

  • Damian Wilson
    Damian WilsonVor Monat

    So cute and is it odd to to think foxes have cute butts?

  • Derek Bissett
    Derek BissettVor Monat

    one of these days there gonna pee on your head!

  • Nicole B.
    Nicole B.Vor Monat

    Mikayla: you’re not delicate on the head Emmie: sometimes I think me being a fox is a joke to you hooman 😂❤️❤️❤️

  • PsyduckScientist
    PsyduckScientistVor Monat

    In Emmie's defense, her hat DOES sorta look like a rabbit.

  • Patrick P
    Patrick PVor Monat

    Ehhm.... EHHM.... Mikayla, you ehh... you got a fox behind your ear 😏

  • Patrick P
    Patrick PVor Monat

    Emmie vs Dixiedo, Game of Thrones.

  • Doggy vlogs 8148
    Doggy vlogs 8148Vor Monat

    is finnwgan fox dead cuz ppl say he is on youtube

  • Carol Berridge
    Carol BerridgeVor Monat

    So darling fox! She really loves you. What a nice personality she has. And, as always, you are so kind to those foxes. All the best from the Pacific Northwest.

  • Ember Lionel
    Ember LionelVor Monat

    Oh man, now we have Emmie, Leo and Dixie fighting for the covenant spot: Sitting on Mikayla’s head.

  • daatobler976
    daatobler976Vor Monat

    Only the finest throne for Emmie and Dixie.

  • NintenSwitch
    NintenSwitchVor Monat

    Emmie has been hanging to much with Dixie XD

  • Baroquendmz
    BaroquendmzVor Monat

    Not play. A show of dominance, over you and finnagan. Foxes often sit on the heads of their inferiors

  • rocking chip
    rocking chipVor Monat


  • Scorpionstrike7
    Scorpionstrike7Vor Monat

    Emmie: *sits on Mikayla’s head* Dixie: “Finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!”

  • Stan Fischer
    Stan FischerVor Monat

    I predicted this Behavior

  • Leo Conchola
    Leo ConcholaVor Monat

    That is to cute that Emmie wants to sit on your head

  • Jasmin
    JasminVor Monat

    So now 3 fox and 1 cat enjoy sitting on Mikaylas head. Esmae, Emmie, Dixie and Leo 🦊🐱

  • Jason Samfield
    Jason SamfieldVor Monat

    This video really made me smile. Thank you for your videos. I'm sure I speak for many others that the regular videos have been a real mood booster over the past year.

  • Thomas Odonnell
    Thomas OdonnellVor Monat

    EMMIE is cool. Yet,she is really rough with Mikayla😉💜. Mikayla is greatly patient. & is awesome, when Mikayla said, there's a Bratt Fox,🤣🤣🤣💚.

  • Katie
    KatieVor Monat

    She seems to be getting more brave around other foxies! More interested and looks less threatened. Yay!

  • Ivy Denver
    Ivy DenverVor Monat

    I love how Emmie chewing on her hoodie is fine but the moment she decides to chew her hat Mikayla says no 😂

  • nelson lariccia
    nelson laricciaVor Monat

    Incredibile Friends late night woods visitors 🤔🙄🌡️

  • chanhee Chang
    chanhee ChangVor Monat

    Cute boi

  • William Stephens
    William StephensVor Monat

    Another head rider.

    JUAN BATRESVor Monat

    Finnighan is no longer in your videos?

  • pyrotheevilplatypus
    pyrotheevilplatypusVor Monat

    Dixie and Emmie: We like to be up high! GET ON HUMAN!!! Felix: Hold my beer...

  • Hulk2k6
    Hulk2k6Vor Monat

    "I knew that Chicken perfume was a mistake!"

  • LpsFiona W
    LpsFiona WVor Monat

    Emmie is so cute🥺🥺🥺

  • Arda Kapani
    Arda KapaniVor Monat

    My favorite foxes are: Finnegan Dixie Vixie Muttias

  • MomOf5Rugrats 1977
    MomOf5Rugrats 1977Vor Monat

    My husband said where's Finn?

  • daf827
    daf827Vor Monat

    Now that’s what I call love ❤️

  • Minirado relajante
    Minirado relajanteVor Monat

    Hi 🙂 excellent video

  • Makenna Gossage
    Makenna GossageVor Monat

    hay do you have snap chat because i went to be you're frind plz

  • Kelly Burket
    Kelly BurketVor Monat

    I used to have a cat that would put his hind feet on the rear brim of my straw hat or shoulders, and wrap his front paws around my forehead hugging my head and riding the brim! Try getting a straw cowboy hay for a better seat for your FOX to ride your head.

  • ReaLityBlue
    ReaLityBlueVor Monat


  • Bro Dy
    Bro DyVor Monat

    Love U Southern Metrocamp. Keep the hope alive. Were all jumping on each others head these daze. Present mammal moments win the lace

  • justinium77
    justinium77Vor Monat

    Just want to make sure I'm seeing this right - Emmie is by the fence in a submissive manner and Vixie is trying to knock 7 shades of 5hite out of her? Maybe Vixie needs to be brought down a peg or two.

  • MauricioGutierrez16 rex
    MauricioGutierrez16 rexVor Monat

    It's so cute emmie gnawing on everything

  • cocotheone
    cocotheoneVor Monat


  • John Biesty
    John BiestyVor Monat

    What she does for fox fame

  • goldosprey
    goldospreyVor Monat

    im sure you get this alot, but other than the obvious how do you tell if they're todds or vixens

  • Lucifer Years
    Lucifer YearsVor Monat

    is her a soulmate of Dixie

  • JenniferLila
    JenniferLilaVor Monat

    Dixie told her xD

  • Spair
    SpairVor Monat

    Only the Red Vixen (plural) seem to sit on your head.

  • Crossbuck
    CrossbuckVor Monat

    Man foxes seem like so much work but man they look like they're too playful and adorable to pass up

  • Don Tran
    Don TranVor Monat

    She such of a good woman for all fox's, they love her to death.

  • flashy5150
    flashy5150Vor Monat

    I've heard of a cat in the hat but a "fox in the hat" is a little different, did Emmy win an Emmy for her contributions, I say she did. lol

  • Mark B
    Mark BVor Monat

    Poor Mikayla...now she has TWO headsitters!

  • QuintessaWolfPrincess
    QuintessaWolfPrincessVor Monat

    Dixie would be so proud...or jealous. Maybe a bit of both. Either way, it's so cute how Emmie likes to sit on your head now!

  • Blue Colt7
    Blue Colt7Vor Monat

    Davy Crockett 🤣

  • Matthew Mattson
    Matthew MattsonVor Monat


  • Sid
    SidVor Monat

    Still very interesting behaviour xD

  • J Willow
    J WillowVor Monat

    I'm afraid she might scratch your eye but she certainly loves you !

  • Lynette LaRoche
    Lynette LaRocheVor Monat

    Everyone talks about Emmie Me I’m over here like “I love your hair!” P.S. Emmie is the sweetest🥰💕

  • CoolCat
    CoolCatVor Monat

    needs moar i'm gonna git cha! i'm gonna git cha! emmy doooo

  • TeeKat
    TeeKatVor Monat

    Grin... love it. ♡♡

  • Angela Rasool RASOOL
    Angela Rasool RASOOLVor Monat

    Sie Fuchsfrauchen sind 1000% eingespannt.

  • Gabriella Viola
    Gabriella ViolaVor Monat


  • Crimson Mortal Slayer
    Crimson Mortal SlayerVor Monat

    It’s not a Dixie thing it’s a Vixen thing

  • daverage47
    daverage47Vor Monat

    Dixie is less 'kicky' so doubtful she'll lose her throne. Lol!

  • Jayda Chapman
    Jayda ChapmanVor Monat


  • Sean Perkins
    Sean PerkinsVor Monat

    I think you’ve found Mouse 2.0! 😊

  • Jennifer E
    Jennifer EVor Monat

    Emmie really loves you!

  • Nobody In particular
    Nobody In particularVor Monat

    Weird wig ya got there

  • Leafblade
    LeafbladeVor Monat

    The Emmie's like a kid climbing all over the bed and couch. Which I guess is fitting cause she's still a kit.

  • octopus _cat
    octopus _catVor Monat

    Your user is save a fox... HOW DO I SAVE A FOX?!?

  • Jonny A
    Jonny AVor Monat

    Not as graceful as Dixie, but then again who is?

  • Caleb Extreme gaming
    Caleb Extreme gamingVor Monat

    Emmie: sits on head Dixie: well I’m still more famous then you and people like me on heads more then you

  • A. W. Thompson
    A. W. ThompsonVor Monat

    Foxes: Mikayla is a chair-head! P.S. The hat, and the hat-nibling, are hilarious.

  • super duck 44
    super duck 44Vor Monat


  • Pamela G.
    Pamela G.Vor Monat

    Saw a video of a young wolf trying to sit on its sibling’s head. Didn’t go over well. Typical siblings!

  • Матвей Анатольевич Терехов
    Матвей Анатольевич ТереховVor Monat

    kiss your predator hat or she will eat your head someday!

  • Tuhina Chatterjee
    Tuhina ChatterjeeVor Monat

    Thank you

  • Jt Rose
    Jt RoseVor Monat

    i love to see fox angel's living fox hats on the reg...the hoodie is a treat for them...is Vixie pregnant?? wow she is so much bigger than em

  • taketimeout2
    taketimeout2Vor Monat

    Like the Rod Stewart song, you wear it well.

  • Soren Ramdhanie
    Soren RamdhanieVor Monat

    lol your hair

  • Todd McQuaid
    Todd McQuaidVor Monat

    She's been watching dixie

  • Kurt Rummell
    Kurt RummellVor Monat

    Emmie is one my favorite foxes, she is so cute and sweet.

  • Verónica Díaz Rdz
    Verónica Díaz RdzVor Monat

    How is dixsie

  • Incognito Spaghet
    Incognito SpaghetVor Monat

    She sit

  • Panda Boi
    Panda BoiVor Monat

    Oml you've grown so much and I'm so happy Py for you!

  • Holly Larson
    Holly LarsonVor Monat

    this is so funny

  • Holly Larson
    Holly LarsonVor Monat


  • André Ambuter
    André AmbuterVor Monat

    Emmie's like !!Rabbit hat!! Yum!!

  • Tyler Blade
    Tyler BladeVor Monat

    The next one who will take the throne after Dixie the l is Emmie the l

  • The Undying Nemesor
    The Undying NemesorVor Monat

    Person: makes her hat look like a small animal Fox bites hat Person: surprised pikachu face

  • Jamie Lieberg
    Jamie LiebergVor Monat

    Ha Ha you got Hat Hair Love it

  • Pompidou
    PompidouVor Monat

    I love the “This is my life now” look.

  • Baylee Robins
    Baylee RobinsVor Monat

    0:50 She likes to eat beanies too ;w;

  • gift andeigh
    gift andeighVor Monat

    Awww sooo cute 🥰🥰

  • Baylee Robins
    Baylee RobinsVor Monat

    Silly Emmie lol

  • Wolfaz
    WolfazVor Monat

    Emmie gonna need to learn to treat her throne more gently :D

  • Bras Santos
    Bras SantosVor Monat


  • jasper
    jasperVor Monat

    i love emmie! shes so cute

  • Brandon Hoefer
    Brandon HoeferVor Monat

    Haute Coture by Emmie Fox, New for Spring/Summer 2021.