Finnegan Fox and his fox pup


Every year Finnegan Fox plays a role in being a foster dad to our rescue fox pups. This is Kipper, he came to us a couple weeks ago. He was a orphan furfarm fox pup. The mother fox had stopped nursing the entire litter. This is common for Furfarm mother foxes because it is such a stressful environment to raise their pups in. So they will sometime kill them in order to protect them from their fate 😭 Luckily Kipper survived and SAVEAFOX stepped in and rescued and bottle raised him.


  • Rolando ova
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    The saddest moment of fox is in Europe of there tradition of fox hunting but don't there is anti fox hunting group to savings fox population

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    So much cuteness in such a small package!

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    Are furfarms legal there? Smh

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    Why is matyis scared of Finnegan


    Awwww- so cuteee

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    Holy cuteness! :)

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    i can never tell if it's the baby or the big ones making the noises they both sound so cute

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    "Me not want Finnegan me want my hooman"

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    i can't get over how cute that fox pup is

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    Even animals are adopting these days. XD It's a crazy world we live in. Kipper : Hi it's nice to meet you. Muttias : What da hecc! Who are you?

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    İs. Sooooo. Cooot

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    Such a cutie pie 🥰 cuteness overload. Someday I will pet a 🦊 it is my dream. You are ever so blessed to have so many beautiful foxes and they are ever so blessed to have a home and that you help them to find suitable homes 🏡

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    Cutie 🥰

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    Thank you baby fox is so cute, and I love foxes to.🦊🌷🐾🦋♥️💛💙🤍,

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    I dunno why but you give me bad vibe, you seem to hard handed with the little puppy. I would never hold the puppy like that... like it was a thing

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    It's fine

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    Fin I'm so proud of you

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    how old is he?

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    You r probably lady Mito....taming the 9 tail beast...Kurama....We'd love to meet him someday

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    Omg I still miss Kipper as a baby. He will always be cute, but he was sooooo adorbs.🥰💗

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    Awwww I remember my fox Justin looked just like that

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    Fur farms in the 21st century? Barbaric.

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    He's such a role model

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    In the wild the male fox is very protective of his family- I live in a wilderness and every spring I get attacked at least once when I unknowingly get to close to the little Foxes..

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    How do you know which fox is which

  • Mr Orc Shaman
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    Finnegan: "Well, if it is needed, I shall teach this young one our foxy ways" Dixie: "OH HELL TO THE NAH, I AREN'T BEING NO ONES MAMA, AREN'T TYING THIS QUEEN DOWN NOTHIN!"

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    It’s looks like a puppy

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    Father Finn

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    Finnagin: Hehehehehe

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    Intro 🤩🤩🤩🤩

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    Friends and family must constantly be tempted to call her "Foxy Lady"!

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    how can people islike these vids are they even humans?!?!

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    Who’s the little pups parents?

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    Look at the little puppy! It’s so cute as Finnegan!

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    Omg this is the cutest video ever😭😭😭💕💕💕

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    Muito fofos kkkk

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    Nice Avatar tattoos!! :3

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    Hi so when I am 18 and have my own house I am going to adopt a fox from you

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    It is so evil to think this little creature would be a coat. People who wear fur are abhorrent soul less creatures of the dark abyss!

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    This is so real

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    He’s grown so much in 10 months

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    The description is so sad

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    Just precious

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    Am I crazy or does Finnegan's face in the thumbnail look like he's about to commit a crime?

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    Sooo adorable!!!

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    I LOVE YOU❤️💜💛🧡💙

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    Baby Cat 💗

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    This Is So cute i love foxe's♥️😋

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    Happy to see that I'm not the only one who imitates animals' sounds back at them

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    Finnegan the Foxterdaddy

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    Kipper: Daddy, I'm Fast!

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    Dixie: Get Away From Me, I'm Not Your Mother!

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    New pup: i want to follow all foxes Finnegan: what is this thing? Woman: its a pup fox Finnegan: Ahhhh he's following me go away!

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    3:03 Cat in the background: LAUNCH!!

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    Baby fox just wants you and looks to you when getting behind. So sweet

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    AMAZING how they respond to the little Finnegan in a similar way mankind responds to children. This woman is a blessing to wildlife. Thanks for sharing your video.

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    Everyone please turn your attention to the back at 3:04 and explain to me what just happened 🤣

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    awwwwwww baby foxxxxx

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    Finnegan should pay child's support then... 😹👍🦊🦊🦊

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    Bello tu talento con los animales ...Arriba los zorritos saludos desde Ecuador....chao

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    Return the slab return the slab or suffer my curse!

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    What's yer offer?!?

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    Finnegan: aka: dominant male in the enclosure, aka: big man on campus, aka: heeheeheeheeheeheehee, etc

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    I want a fox SO BADLY there my favorite animal 🥲 but I think it’s illegal to have one where I live ;-;

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    You shouldn’t own a fox. This is a rescue.

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    I want to see pup when it grown and play with it pls🙏

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    your gonna wake up at 3AM by the foxes busting in your house and hearing in your kitchen HEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE

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    I REALLY whant a fox pup and when I grow up I going to be FOX TRANER!🦊

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    I love fox puppys

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    Coming back to this after Kipper getting adopted 😞💔

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    It is very interesting, most animals I've seen, including most canines and felines, don't like cubs. Especially males don't like other's cubs, but male foxes don't even bother having another fox's cub around they also play and look after cubs. I love foxes.

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    Finnagan: Wh0 ArE Y0u? Kit: 0k S0 iM a CuTe bAbY F0x aNd vAwY VaWy Sm0lL

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    OMG they are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Bruh this is kipper when he was small They gave him up for adoption And they can get more foxes if they want to because ITS A FOX RESCUE

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    Finnegan acted just like my father when he saw me, went to buy milk

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    the fox pup is so cute


    So cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🦊🦊🦊🦊

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    I can see how people think fox kits are puppies now

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    3:04 kitty what you doing back there

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    Finnegan is like," What the hell!? What the hell?! What is this? Is this my puppy? Nooo... I don't...Father? Fox Foster Father? Uh. Pet me. Hehehehe. Stay back, Matthias! For I am Finnegan! Mathias: Yeth thir! Yeth thir! Thorry thir! I bow to thy greatness! Don't hurt me! Can I see the pup? I love him. Oh look. It's Foster Mom Dixie! Dixie: You got me f**cked up.....

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    The black fox is so cool looking

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