Kipper and Waverly are getting adopted


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  • Gabriel Nikoletic
    Gabriel NikoleticVor 16 Tage

    Aww how do you theme them

  • Phane
    PhaneVor 24 Tage

    I need a wallpaper of that opening shot.

  • 20th Century Zander Tolentino
    20th Century Zander TolentinoVor 25 Tage

    Last Days For Kipper, Waverly, and Fur Farm Foxes. :(

  • At Zt
    At ZtVor 26 Tage

    Kipper and Waverly are much better than that thing with the gum problem! Or the fox who lives in a tree like tarzan!! BIG MISTAKE big red!

  • RowStone
    RowStoneVor 26 Tage

    I remember little Kipper. Kipper is awesome! I'm glad Kipper and Waverly will stay together. Waverly just sniffed my ear. 😂

  • michelle g
    michelle gVor 27 Tage

    I’m going to miss these 2 little nuggets!! 🥲

  • Sister325
    Sister325Vor 27 Tage

    Brava! Good work M! It is hard to see them leave, heart wrenching, but it is ok, and they are together, going to great homes ...and there are many more who need the chance you can give. I'm crying....

  • Jester
    JesterVor 27 Tage

    Yesterday I saw a dead fox on a highway road..

  • Zykerriah Fleetwood
    Zykerriah FleetwoodVor 27 Tage

    :( NOT KIPER

  • gospel onyx
    gospel onyxVor 28 Tage

    I hope one day i got a change visit that place

  • Nicci Blues
    Nicci BluesVor 28 Tage

    No :-(

  • Miss Mansfield
    Miss MansfieldVor 28 Tage

    Hope you never part with Finnegan!

  • Lightning Shy
    Lightning ShyVor 28 Tage

    Nooooo! Kipper!!!! 😭💔

    MARIA GARCIA GARCIA #SalveRalphVor 28 Tage

    Nooooo kipper 😔 everyone will miss you 😢 we will never forget you 😭

  • Ville Honkanen
    Ville HonkanenVor 28 Tage

    Oh my god, this girl are foxgirl!

  • Sarah Koscho
    Sarah KoschoVor 28 Tage


  • Sarah Koscho
    Sarah KoschoVor 28 Tage

    Do not give finnegan away

  • Sarah Koscho
    Sarah KoschoVor 28 Tage


  • Sarah Koscho
    Sarah KoschoVor 28 Tage

    No kipper and waverly are my favorites

  • 2bczar4u
    2bczar4uVor 29 Tage

    Yeah, he sure looks like he is skiddish. Doesn't even seem too relaxed when you are giving him treats. You and your group are doing an excellent job with Save a Fox. You are releasing these two to a good place and can take comfort in that. Keep smiling!

  • Cutiekitten 101
    Cutiekitten 101Vor 29 Tage

    I just got off

  • Cutiekitten 101
    Cutiekitten 101Vor 29 Tage


  • hadlee 189
    hadlee 189Vor Monat

    Aww....I remember Kipper as a little baby Fox., now he is going.😥

  • Larry Probus
    Larry ProbusVor Monat

    TY for all u do !!

  • sbkpilot11
    sbkpilot11Vor Monat

    wheres dixie doo?

  • stan min yoongi
    stan min yoongiVor Monat

    THAT’S KIPPER??? guys it’s been a while but oh my he’s all grown up now ;;

  • Foggy Ozark Gem
    Foggy Ozark GemVor Monat

    You're such a precious soul ~i'm so happy for them. i hope life will always be as good to you as you are for all of us & them! May you always be surrounded by beauty, centered in love and filled with joy =D

  • Iamnotapotato Theborderlandsnerd
    Iamnotapotato TheborderlandsnerdVor Monat

    I remember when kipper was first brought in it was only a few weeks after i first found this channel I can’t believe how big he’s gotten!

  • Lauren Kerns
    Lauren KernsVor Monat

    Have you considered making Emmie an educational Fox ?

  • furret did a funny
    furret did a funnyVor Monat


  • L Z
    L ZVor Monat

    Oh so I’m so sad to see kipper go, he was going to a permanent resident wasn’t he? 😭

  • Francesca S
    Francesca SVor Monat

    Aw. I remember when Kipper was just the tiniest thing, playing with the cats and Finn. I'm glad he is adopted even though we will miss him.

  • Kathryn Braun
    Kathryn BraunVor Monat

    You do a great service for these babies

  • Vlrissolo
    VlrissoloVor Monat

    oh, this must be sad for you but it's a good thing... more room for new foxes...OH! Now I recall when Kipper was a pup! It was the 1st SAVE A FOX video I ever saw. Kip and Finn and another pup, and some kitties!!!! Finn kept offering his toy to the pups! so sweet.

  • SchattendragonflyPL
    SchattendragonflyPLVor Monat

    It is great that they move to a good home. I trust you would not allow an inapproprioate adoption. I have a request: it came to me that since I am not a native english speaker, it is diffifult sometimes to determine what sex the animal (mostly fox / cat here :) ) is by its name. Would you please from time to time add this information in a video? Not each of course, but sometimes it owuld be helpful. THANK YOU an have a good week!

  • Elise Ferguson
    Elise FergusonVor Monat

    Why do you not raise them vegan? MURDER!

  • Warped Mind
    Warped MindVor Monat

    I always miss the foxes that leave. But I know they are going to a good home. And it frees up space to rescue more foxes. It still makes me sad though. I look forward to the next foxes that arrive.

  • UltimateBargains
    UltimateBargainsVor Monat

    Fox be like, "I ain't moving until I see the snacks."

  • Leah Warner
    Leah WarnerVor Monat

    :( I'll miss them so much!!!

  • DreamEnvoy
    DreamEnvoyVor Monat

    Aww, I'm gonna miss those two. At least we have all the baby videos of Kipper to look back on so we can continue to enjoy them for the future.

  • TheKrystalForestt
    TheKrystalForesttVor Monat

    I could never be as Strong as mikayla sending love and hugs 👌💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • BárbaraRAB
    BárbaraRABVor Monat

    I remember when kipper was so smol, im glad hes getting adopted

  • Megan Shaw
    Megan ShawVor Monat

    He knows exactly what treat means :) I can't believe we've seen him grow up from a tiny energy bean to a big boy ready to move out already!

  • Tadeja Turner
    Tadeja TurnerVor Monat

    i'll miss Kipper :( he is so cute and adorable

  • darkaquatus
    darkaquatusVor Monat

    I wish I could give you a hug, because I can see how you're hurting from this. Thank you so much for your continued support for these amazing animals. You're a beautiful person

  • Amber Lee Sealey
    Amber Lee SealeyVor Monat

    Goes to show, regardless of what we want for an animal, their own personality is ALWAYS the judge and jury... I love both these babies and really happy to hear they are going to a loving home

  • B J Clinton
    B J ClintonVor Monat

    Kipper will be missed. It's really good that they have each other and will be together. Hope their new home has a DElevel channel too.

  • Daniela Gonzaga
    Daniela GonzagaVor Monat


  • Jimmy Guitar
    Jimmy GuitarVor Monat

    Always loved Kipper when he was little & he turned out to be the most handsome boi! It's easy to see how emotionally invested you are in your animals; made me tear up too!🥺 I'm on a limited budget but when I get my pandemic $ I think I'll send you $50. God bless!

  • Tabatha Cechvala
    Tabatha CechvalaVor Monat

    Aww man so bitter sweet can u link the other places other also so we can keep in touch

  • Lazy Jesus
    Lazy JesusVor Monat


  • Koji Minamoto
    Koji MinamotoVor Monat

    Have the sister sanctuaries thought about running their own DElevel channels to generate extra revenue and also allow us to follow our favorites like Kipper and Waverley in this case. A lot of people have transitioned away from Facebook and stuff.

  • Longtimber
    LongtimberVor Monat

    Woke up all blurry eyed and started scrolling through DElevel. Got to this thumbnail and was so disappointed. I thought 'Why would such a beautiful young lady do that to herself. She was absolutely lovely just the way she was.' Then I put on my glasses and realized that those were your knees. So relieved. Doh!

  • Artimidorus
    ArtimidorusVor Monat

    Sad to see them go, but so glad to see them going together. Sad Kipper didn't really follow the bond considering how he was cared for from such a pup. But that also tells me you guys allow the foxes and residents to grow as individuals and not "training" them really, which is still good to see. Also, I did get a laugh how every time you said "treat" he ran around the corner, took a nom, and dashed back into the sunset until the word was said again.

  • Fact Checker
    Fact CheckerVor Monat

    Such beautiful messages and there was 666 comments on the video I felt good to break that

  • Bennova X
    Bennova XVor Monat

    Kipper was so small but could grow healthy thanks to SaveAFox. I respect your great activity.

  • Julianrakowski Jevdh
    Julianrakowski JevdhVor Monat

    Kipper is pretty fox

  • DangerMouse949
    DangerMouse949Vor Monat

    If you are passing by I-20 in LA, i'd love to give them some pats

  • Pet Cactus
    Pet CactusVor Monat

    @ 5:26 You can see the Bobcat they rescued.

  • Thomas Tyson
    Thomas TysonVor Monat

    OK, terrible limerick. But I meant it !

  • Ashley Plondke
    Ashley PlondkeVor Monat

    Aww I remember when Kippper was a little baby. I am going to miss him! Would Jagger be a permanent resident? I feel he would be a perfect ambassador! But then again I only see him when you are with him.

  • Thomas Tyson
    Thomas TysonVor Monat

    LIMERICK FOR A FOX: "There once was a fox, name of Waverley. / He was destined for doom, but saved, you see. / When he was just a kit / he was taught how to fit / in a home, where he learned to be neighborly"

  • Thomas Tyson
    Thomas TysonVor Monat

    Kipper and Waverly! Bless you, you fortunate foxes, in your new home. I know you will always remember Mikayla

  • Patricia1234
    Patricia1234Vor Monat

    It must be hard to say goodbye. I will miss Kipper because I remember him when he was just a pup. Thank you for giving so much love to all these precious fur-babies. 💕🦊

  • Here’s Morgan
    Here’s MorganVor Monat

    I moment I read the title I thought “Nooooooo” Still, am happy for them. They deserve a happy home.

  • GoodGollyMissM
    GoodGollyMissMVor Monat

    Awwwwwww that is sooooooo sad! 😢😢😢

  • Fan Pet
    Fan PetVor Monat

    ...Kipper's leaving?

  • Fan Pet

    Fan Pet

    Vor Monat

    I'm happy he's being adopted, but oh my god, I'm sad to see him go. That's the third piece of 'bad' news I've received today :(

  • offmeds2nite
    offmeds2niteVor Monat

    sad :( but it means you can save more foxes :)

  • Cat&Fish M.
    Cat&Fish M.Vor Monat

    Sad my Kipper is going away, we’ve seen him grow up. 🙏🏻 for him and his new home.

  • Davie McCallum
    Davie McCallumVor Monat

    Kipper has nice markings just like a collie dog

  • Akira Mado
    Akira MadoVor Monat

    Not kipper😰

  • hilolila
    hilolilaVor Monat

    2:32 It scared me 🤣

  • goldosprey
    goldospreyVor Monat

    While sad to see these adorable kits leave you, it just means you get to continue to save others

  • TheOddWolvesBeliever
    TheOddWolvesBelieverVor Monat

    Is this gonna be the last time we'll ever see them?

  • Dušan


    Vor Monat

    On this chanel, probably yes, but you can follow "101 Paws and Claws" on Facebook. They will post pictures and videos...

  • TheOddWolvesBeliever
    TheOddWolvesBelieverVor Monat

    2:32 ASMR

  • nick the turtle nerd
    nick the turtle nerdVor Monat

    It’s good that they are getting adopted, but it’s really sad to see kipper go.

  • morella walker
    morella walkerVor Monat

    I think this is the most beautiful silver fox I've Ever seen!

  • jonas rmb
    jonas rmbVor Monat

    NOOOOOOO😭 please go visit them sometimes :'/

  • Curly Cat Productions
    Curly Cat ProductionsVor Monat

    I'm gonna miss them but at least they have a family now

  • Kaye PlagueDoc
    Kaye PlagueDocVor Monat

    I'm gonna miss them! Glad they're going together since they're so close to each other!

  • Ciaran&Daragh
    Ciaran&DaraghVor Monat

    Finnegan: n-no my son is gone :(

  • screamsformemes
    screamsformemesVor Monat

    Thank you for making this tough decision. It shows how much you love them. Putting their needs first over your want to keep them here. You amaze me more every video!!

  • Angela Tillman
    Angela TillmanVor Monat

    Kipper all grown up already. He is so beautiful!

  • Nadezhda Romanova
    Nadezhda RomanovaVor Monat

    Киппер был такой маленький🐾🐶

  • Alice Gamble
    Alice GambleVor Monat

    Great news. Glad they are going to a new home together.

  • realbrat40
    realbrat40Vor Monat

    It's always so bitter sweet when some leave, but wishing them a safe trip and hope they settle in well.

  • P LaP
    P LaPVor Monat

    So weird how as a pup he was down with everything, seemed so social a real extrovert. Over time seeing him kinda pulling away and doing his own thing as he got bigger. Not everyone is ment for showbiz! Absolutely sure mikayla will find the perfect fox to promote their cause! Emmie? We will see. Love you, I'm such a fan. Us taking care of animals is one of the few endearing things humans do, because most of the time we are selfish and distructive to our planet!

  • Alberto Olmos
    Alberto OlmosVor Monat

    Kipper is behaving shy, different from the playful baby he was. Their body language in the first image forebodes trouble, changes, the adoption.

  • Robin Kahle 77
    Robin Kahle 77Vor Monat

    That makes me sad. Your babies are leaving. Hard adjustment. Hang in there!

  • Simples
    SimplesVor Monat

    I'm torn with emotions ;p Part of me is happy to see them being adoped and going together, the other part is resentful, because I absolutely love Kipster. Now I have ANOTHER DElevelr I'll have to subscribe to lol

  • Grace N
    Grace NVor Monat

    I will miss Kipper and Waverly but it' for the best, a forever home for them 😭❤🦊

  • Mr Jesting
    Mr JestingVor Monat

    *Everyone will miss kipper and waverly.*

  • Kim
    KimVor Monat

    How sad but still positive as more babies get to be rescued

  • Mike Bennett
    Mike BennettVor Monat

    It must be very hard for you Mikayla to say goodbye, I'm glad it's not me making the decision...

    TIBETAN SVor Monat

    Happy Easter

  • wolfsrain2704
    wolfsrain2704Vor Monat

    You should be really proud of yourself you’ve done such a great job raising Kipper from a tiny weak pup to the big strong fox he is now and the fact that he’s moving on proves that all the hard work you did for him has paid off. You’ve been a great mama to him and Waverly

  • Marie Charrière
    Marie CharrièreVor Monat

    I'm quite sad To not see them a lot a in the future but i m glad they will have a new family!♡

  • D
    DVor Monat

    Kipper and waverly will be missed.

  • Adventure-fox
    Adventure-foxVor Monat

    Can I please adopt a fox?

  • K Igaki
    K IgakiVor Monat

    Awww another power couple being adopted. It's like everyone who gets moved to that yard gets adopted eventually. Kipper even though he's a bit of the goofier side when it comes to foxes was a very handsome one, and falling in the love with the pint sized fox that acted as his older sister was adorable.