Fox couples celebrate Valentines Day 💝


Featuring Esmae & Mala and Kipper & Waverly!


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    Black fox: MINEE MINEEEEEEES other black fox: wait...where was that toy that I wanted :(

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    Crazy fox lady

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    Kipper looks like a border collie ngl lol

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  • 4 BRATKA B
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    A hater of foxes: *is teasing a fox with a plushie* Everyone on this channel: GIVE THAT PLUSHIE TO THAT FOX YOU FRICKING MONSTER IF YOU DONT DO IT NOW IM GOING TO MAKE SURE YOU DO IT WITH FORCE

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    Nagyon. Aranyosak. 🦊🦝

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    It's super funny to watch this with the captions turned on because it doesn't recognize the foxes' names of course. It turned Mala into "Mama", Kipper into "Kipper, Tipper, and Dipper", and my personal favorite Waverly into "Weebly". 😂

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    I love how you celebrate holidays with them.👍😀😌

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    You say 25 degrees me 1 degrees and no power no water The power lines broke so no power the water pipes froze so no water

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    Kipper from a distance looks a bit like a border collie

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    Hi Miss M - I think Waverly dislikes your camera

  • Home TAS
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    Hi Miss M - I think Waverly hates your camera

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    Happy Valentine's Day folks! I received my 'Save a Fox' Calendar recently. Thanks - I love it. It definitely cheers me up during lockdown (i'm literally living in one room during the pandemic so any happy and positive imagery i can surround myself with makes an huge difference). Say 'Hello' to Valentine the fox for me and the little blind fox too. Lot's of love xx

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    So it's not just me with what feels like 200 feet snow

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    Vor 10 Tage🐈🐈

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    You were a mask to not be contagious to the foxes

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    She wears mask because it is -25°

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    Aww, no Finnegan and Vixie?

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    Vor 10 Tage🐈🐈

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    Aww Kipper has gotten so bigggg!

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    i get bark boxes to but for my dogo

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    Hi darl text me I want to come and see your foxis ;))

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    there are two night fury foxy twins one sister night fury foxy and 2 night fury foxy brother

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    Mala x esmae Finnegan x Dixie Muttias x vixie Nikita x dimika

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    I was in some woods and this fox came running to me and I turned around and he stopped running at me and turned around and ran off would like to know y it did that

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    Why do you have so many pets????????

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    I'm just hoping the foxes stay warm. It's bitterly cold.

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    Vor 10 Tage🐈🐈

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    Kipper is growing so fast

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    Captions at beginning: *hElLo wInDsHiElD*

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    Ugh! I'm never gonna get used to seeing Kipper so uncomfortable around Mikayla and being so afraid to approach her. I wish she never had to stay away for two weeks while he was growing up and break the bond between them! He would have been so cuddly and sweet now

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    Wish I was surrounded by foxes & snow! ❤️

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    Vor 10 Tage🐈🐈

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    What's going on with Dakota??

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    This little lady needs a SPA DAY - Hair Product Donations - Nail Polish Donations - Salon Services - Nail Services! Donations for all that she does! She gets PEED ON EVERYDAY!!

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    keep warm, I hear it's especially frigid out there this week

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    I've been wondering for a long long time where's Dakota the Coyote. It doesn't come on very often

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    Happy valentine's day!😍

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    Of course the foxes go for the treats first LOL

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    Vor 10 Tage🐈🐈

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    Happy Valentine's Day with your cute foxes

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    happy valentine, i love all you'r foxes! they are super cute

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    This channel is so entertaining. ❤❤ keep it going Mikayla

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    Vor 10 Tage🐈🐈

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    We should all care and love our innocent animals

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    ♡♡♡ hehehe

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    Happy Valentine’s Day

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    Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!

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    Kipper and Waverly were acting so weird! So cute 💝

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    Bella Happy day s Valentín Foxes love.

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    I love how they do that with their bums 😊...

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    I love it so much

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    The sweetest couples 🥰💞🙏🏻

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    Kipper looks beautiful with his white "scarf"

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    Hi 😄😄😄😄😃😃

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    I looove the extra fluff on foxes

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    I do not understand how Donald Trump supporters (like your bf) can call themselves animals lovers at all. Trump did enormous damage not just to animals but also the environment. That brainwashing cult can be a biitttccchhh.

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    This lady:hi finnegan ooo my my sweety Foxes: ah shit here we go again

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    They are absolutely beautiful and fabulous. Now we need to see Dakota in the snow. I love his zoomies

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    -25° doesn't slow the foxes down all that much

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    Wait, where’s finnegen

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    Mikayla is legit an angel lol

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    Mala and Esme best gfs

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    Hey Mikaela can we see you shoot some hoops on that basketball court in the next video?

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    The 11 dislikes are from people who didn't get a Valentine's Day gift. Most likely they didn't get laid on Valentine's Day either. :D Love the videos.

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    Wait. Finnegan and dixie?

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    Happy V-day To All

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    Where can I send donations to ?

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    well kipper has no balls anymore so he can get as frisky as he wants with the ladies

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    ironic that on valentines day, the fox literally named VALENTINE doesn't appear

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    At least he gets the month of February on the save a fox calendar

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    Who is Finnegan's valentine?

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    Aww Kipper is all grown up!

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    happy valentines day to everyone including Dakota, x from us in england

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    Happy Valentine's too lovely foxes ❤️

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    Nice video 🤩👍

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    Crystal hesh we know what you mean it's just sad that other people's got to be so rude

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    wow two uploads in a day

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    Screw valenrines day!

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    These foxes have literally the perfect life, they've got it all!

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    Esmae was like...nope nope nope me first

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    So cute😍🤗 i love it

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    Happy Valentine's Day

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    Perfect video for bedtime!

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    Hi have a great day 🌈🍓🦄🍩🍉🍭🍪🍩🐶🦊🍒🌞🍭

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    Who wants to bet Finnegan and Dixie had a nice romantic dinner

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    Try the Welsh St Dwynwen's Day (25th January)- less commercialised

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    That was beautiful with sun in the background and Kipper in the pic. Happy V day Foxes.❤️💯

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    I like savalentine day

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    The whole world is freezing right now but the foxes just sit there, thinking it's a nice fresh breeze :D.

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    I absolutely love Mikayla's subtle little non-word sounds like 'ooh, ugh, huh' etc. It's super cute in every video 🙂

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    OMG thats so cute Happy valentine

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    Why do i always think that Kipper, from afar, looks like a Border Collie? xD

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    Climbing all over each other for toys and treats lol