Finnegan Fox and Muttias pounce in snow piles



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    I love watching muttias. I think he's becoming my favourite ☺️

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    Love it!

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    Get that five fingered mouse Finnegan!

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    They love their Mama!

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    Most speaking sentences in mikaylas life: please dont pee on it.😂😄😆😂 really loves finnegan hes so attentive.

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    Finnegan: hi camera🙂

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    I love fox

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    Foxes truly are my spirit animal...

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    I LOVE how they pounce!

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    Do people watch the ads? And click on them, too. It provides a little bit of money for the furry friends 😉🦝🦊🐈.. and the friends that don't have an emoji, yet. 💕❤💛💙💜🤎🤍🖤🧡

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    That's how you make arctic fox.

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    I'm watching this and realize I have a grin on my face!!

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    The lacking parade successfully identify because quicksand functionally decide sans a instinctive visitor. periodic, lacking clerk

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    കുറുക്കൻ 😍😍😍

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    do foxes really use the earth's magnetic field when they pounce on their prey?

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    Foxes are sassy.

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    They’re cat dogs 🥺😩🤍💙

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    Brilliant ❤️❤️❤️❄️

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    Finnegan: *sees snow* Also Finnegan: *ah yes, the perfect place to stuff my head in*

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    can you sub to me landobot I am 8 pis

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    Awwwww Finnegan is too cute 😍🏹🎯💯🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊

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    "A Finnegan fox, girl i'm THE Finnegan fox around ere".

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    Gotta love that fox pounce! :o)

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    Adorable 😂

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    i wonder why they kept on jumping in the snow?

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    They can sense that something is moving bellow snow. In the wild that would be rodents

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    I direct this to Mikayla, not the readers or watchers. I love SAVE A FOX and I've been spreading the word about it to people I love, who of course, love animals. SAVE A FOX has educated me on the wonderfulness and friendly nature of the fox. But, please don't throw snow into Finnegan's face repeatedly. I don't think he likes it. He is very patient with you because he loves you. But getting snow on his face from jumping into it is different than having the snow thrown into his eyes. I love all the other foxes. I wish that I could hug them. I will donate to your organization. I wanted to buy SAVE A FOX tee shirts or sweatshirts as Christmas gifts but I figured that they would not arrive on time for Christmas. I watch SAVE A FOX on my TV. I love it. I am becoming more and more of a true vegetarian and it is in part because your show and others like it are providing information in real time about an animal which has been vilified as a cruel chicken assassin. If I have offended you, I apologize. I tell strangers about the foxes environment which you maintain all of the time. It is so much more humane than any zoo I have ever visited.

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    how did ya come up with the foxes names?

  • Wolfie Orlon Slytherin. Vera
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    I can see a patch of snow on his tail. Fox is so funny and cute. I love foxs!." 🦊 🦊 🦊 🦊

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    i love finn

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    The funny part is that Finnegan fox is JUMPING on SNOW

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    Vor 19 Tage

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    The foxes need to do a Super Bowl prediction.

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    Vor 19 Tage

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    I love the thumbnail to this vid, it is now apart of my fox wallpaper collection

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    Vor 19 Tage

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    Thing: exists Fox: I’m gonna pee on it

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    famous I am the

    Vor 19 Tage

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    Maybe they think there is prey under the snow pile.

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    Idk for sure if it is your TikTok account but someone is stealing your vids and putting them on TikTok

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    There the best

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    My 2-year old watches these videos all day. His favorite is when the foxes are given popsicles. He loves icescream himself, so he's seen that video numerous times now. From Paw Patrol to 'VOS!' (fox in Dutch), to me is an upgrade. Keep up the content, we love it here 🦊

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    fox is my faviourite animal and i wanna be a kitsune

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    I think that fox has diabetes.

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    What a fun game for the foxes.

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    Finnegan is to peeing what a tagger is to tagging.

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    The way Finnegan just shoves his head in to see😆

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    🎼🎵Oooooooh I foxy lady🎼🎵

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    Very Beautiful! The snow is so Beautiful! You and your foxes are very Blessed! 💖😘😘😘👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💯

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    Seeing these happy and healthy foxes live their best life really brings joy to me. What wonderful creatures, and what a wonderful woman they have taking care of them.

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    27 people are dying today For disliking this.

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    Finnegan is just the cutest guy. I just love him.

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    Finnegan has rinnegan

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    That is so adorable. You are so in tune with them...

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    Oh this made me smile so much!

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    Lovely little foxes!

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    Huh? Is there a mouse or lemming in there?? JUMP!

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    in their element for sure :)

    FUNNY HOWVor 19 Tage

    HEY FINNEGAN: The snow was outrageous/ hey ya! I LOVE YOU ALL OVER THERE.

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    I love it when foxes pounce in the snow it's cute.

  • Janey Thompson
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    I relate... like jumping into a pile of leaves! such fun! sweet thing for her to do for her pets

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    I love foxs

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    Don't pee on the cam! I want a fox! So based.

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    Finn: woman I'm saving your hands from this suspicious white substance don't put it back Mikayla: puts hands back Finn: this bit-

  • Arielle Atkinson
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    Hes hunting for fish

  • Megan Borland
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    Just watched a five minute video of foxes jumping at 3am. I feel fulfilled.

  • vanishingportal
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    It is so nice to see how much you love your foxes and how much you do for them and interact with them, wishing you all the love and happiness for you and your foxes.

  • Jonathan Becker
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    Anyone else find that watching Makayla play with Finnegan, Dixie, Muttias, Vixie, Esmae, Mala, and etc is strangely therapeutic? There's something about these rescued furry little predators that's so beautiful and perfect. I'd swear that I've never slept better since I started watching these videos every night. My wife says the same thing. (She watches with me) Who knew that foxes were so beneficial?

  • Erica's SUV Travels
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    That's is one healthy fox

  • Allison Huddleston
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    0:58: Mutt: Slowly move toward them and maybe Finn won't notice.

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    The Floofy Fox Flits and Flails!

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    Just got my calendar, beanie, and fanny pack, great buy! Love the vids, thanks for the help.

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    Finn got strong pounce game!

  • Ed Cottingham
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    Finnegan is NOT HAVING that damn pile of snow! And I don't blame him.

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    Someone needs to dub Super Mario Brothers jumping sounds over their pouncing. Right now.

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    Foxes are the cutest thing ever.

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    Finn so cool

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    They are the cutest.

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    Hehe 😁😁😂

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    Lovely lady + beautiful creatures = Save a Fox. Always there when you need to smile at life. ☺

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    so cute!!

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    I play a similar game with my cats, where I move something under a blanket/rug they get excited and try to attack what's underneath, good times. 😸💖🦊

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    She is my fave DElevelr I love foxes she’s the one that got me into foxes

  • Maria Götz
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    Snow-skipping fox team Dixie & Finnegan. 🐺&🦊 👍🏻 Little Finnegan our snow jumping champion. 🏆 Snow jumping foxes Olympics: Finnegan: 🏅🦊 Dixie: 🥈🐺 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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    They like snow❄

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    Omg. I love it!!! 😀❤️❤️❤️🥰

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    hi love the way they jump about so cute

  • Jocelyne cupcake
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    I always worry about them getting too cold in the show but then I remember they're domesticated red foxes, which have a little thicker fur than wild ones. Hopefully, they're not cold. They look like they're having fun

  • David Scott
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    Finnegan Fox, the most famous of the foxes, the most loved of the foxes,,,,,,,the most human of the foxes.........

  • Tristan Winters
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    Its nearly been a year since Dixiedo first stole Mikaylas phone and Save A Fox stole our hearts. Glad to watch this chanel go from ~400k to 1.2mil subscribers. This content has really helped get through this Pandemic.

  • Mike Naykki
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    that’s funny 👍😄

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    They are so beautiful in their winter coats!

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    There coats are gorgeous.

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    Cutest think in the world

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    Vor 20 Tage🐰🐇

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    Shes such an amazing human

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    Finnegan is so cute 🦊

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    Thx for these great vids and saving these gorgeous animals. Fun to watch!