Leo steals Dixie's spot


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Great ideas everyone!


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  • lasantha ranatunge
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    Leo did you do it

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    Why am I - a 30 year old man with no children, no nieces or nephews and no girlfriend with a weird dd/lg kink - now considering buying a fox colouring book?

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    😍 love

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    Love fox

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    Leo is so awesomeee

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    Are you a Druid off camera ? We love your stuff and the connection you have with the Animals. Level 20 DRUID!!!

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    you look like skyler from breaking bad

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    Finn says Where's my Treat .... Human Woman

  • Home Glamour
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    Finn views Mikayla as the Human Treat Lady. He thinks one thing - TREATS

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    Why does dixie even climb on her back

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    What is the sense of mirroring the video ? Dont get it.

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    aww the cats just chill on your shoulder my cat and chickens do that so cute

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    LENIN ABREUVor 12 Tage

    Featuring “Lil Finnegan”.

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    i miss what you look on the first video that you made

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    Ha haa...Leo's bowtie gets me every time 😺

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    I wanna come live in the sanctuary just so I could love on the foxes and other pets all day

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    Are the they your pets i love foxes:0

    SONA AILAVor 13 Tage

    I 🧡SO MUCH

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    Leo is a perfect shoulder cat😍🥺

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    The colouring book is for kids or for adult babies?!😂😂😂

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    I ess 2 gee Mikayla and SaveAFox should have a TV show

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    That book is so unrealistic, i mean Felix on the ground?!

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    Damn u are so pretty, your human too.

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    I love foxes as land animals and sharks as sea animals

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    Leo is best supervisor

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    King Leo and his fix underlings

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    Leo these paws rated e for everyone

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    Am I imagining this or has Mutt really gained some self-confidence and isn't as afraid of Finn as before? I'd like that. I love Mutt.

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    Felix illustrated on the ground? 3:18. This coloring book is misinformation.

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    Okay this is adorable I had to sub

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    Leo is adorable too 😊

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    Nothing will ever live up to Leo .

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    Dixie = marsmelo

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    How cute! Love all the critters!

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    How old is Finnegan?

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    @Dušan how do you know

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    I love the Coloring book

  • Brianna Ortiz
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    It is cyte

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    When Finnigan decide he a cat...

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    i love finnegan so much and dixie

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    I love Leo’s eyes

  • Tom Polacek
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    the lettering and wording is reversed in the video when you showed the coloring book

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    Why are all the letters and words backwards in this video? Which I love by the way.

  • Jocelyne cupcake
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    I find it so fascinating that they don't mind the cold. I thought foxes hated cold. Both wild and domesticated. I'm glad Finnegan, Mattias, and Dixie like it

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    Leo's so chill!

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    That's actually my spot. Wtf

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    Dixie: This means WAR.

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    title: ITS COLD

  • RoseofSharon
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    These wonderful videos always make me smile. They feel me with awe and a warmth I cannot put words to.

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    Those animals are very lovely... i still not understand how some humans can behave with so much cruelty with them... I scare mankind is sick...

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    oh NVM saw him

  • Crystal George
    Crystal GeorgeVor 14 Tage

    is finn ok? i didnt see him in the 2 recent videos

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    Good to see Leo having a ride on your shoulders.

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    Finnegan Fox he's like a he's like a squeaky toy

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    Why is all the text mirrored?

  • Jim Culbertson
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    Maybe just my computer, but why is the video in reverse. Like a mirror image. Still good stuff, but a puzzle.

  • Juan Carlos Rojas Ospina
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    Hola Mikaela,te deseo que estés muy bien de salud también tus zorritos ,eres muy tierna .

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    Leo's got such pretty blue eyes.

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    Most Luvable King Leo

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    Mikayla = Dame of Thrones

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    On the 14th I was thinking of telling the girl I like it but for the covid it will not be possible to go out

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    Leo: 🎶 I'm on top of the world.

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    Dang Since when did Leo defy Dixie?

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    Leo & Muttias 🖤🤍

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    Muttias is so handsome!

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    Gosh, I wish my cat sat on my neck while I walked around. So cool! And he squints! Wow. Hang on, I haven't got a cat! Oops. Better get one.

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    Beautyfulllll Leo!!!😁The new King!!!👍👍👍

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    How leo isnt falling hes sticking to her like a button 😂😂

  • William Graulau
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    i would probably be you in about 23 years.

  • Morgan Campbell
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    I have never wanted a coloring book more

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    My late submission: "Ok human, now take me around so that I may survey my lands and peasants"

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    I love the new coloring book!! Thanks so much for everything you do , so many amazing people !!!♥️💯🤙

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    is Leo a ragdoll? he looks like my Tommy

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    Awwww bless that's just super cute Your videos are Amazing Finnegan is just Amazing 😍😍😍🏹🎯💯🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠

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    I just love how quickly Leo has become accustomed. 😍 He got big within a blink.

  • beeeeees
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    leo looks like hes way more grown up than i last remember

  • The6hitcombo
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    She's pretty much a Disney princesses at this point

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  • Regina Pollack
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    What a fabulous idea!! I just got new color pencils for christmas!! Im a huge coloring fan!! Going to the fox shop now!! Mad love qnd aupport always!!🖤💚🖤

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    Leo has always been a scene stealer. Now he's also a throne stealer.

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    Vor 13 Tage

    @Nuclear Cat Baby lmao

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    Leo: it’s over Dixie doo... I have the high ground

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  • Elizabeth Rojas
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  • R V
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    nejsi malinko prdlá? mít kočku za krkem a honit lišky po zahradě...

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    Title McTitleface

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    Title: Muttias proves his intelligence once again while Leo steals Dixies perch

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    Cat surfing

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    Title: fun,fun