Dakota Coyote Education!



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    Save a simp hahaha most of the dudes in here if not all of them would want her to open up an only fans lol

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    The Whimper got me 😭😭💕

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    This lady has a unique and interesting connection with these animals.

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    That Dakota is one class act! Seriously tho, he's a cute as well as a handsome lad.

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    Had coyote dog halfbreed as a pet as a child loved that dog she was the best most loving doggo. Also the most bizzare thing happened we had a Newfoundland Shepard mutt pup and when the local coyotes would pack up and start yippin she would go out with them and take our juvenile newf mutt he started acting like a coyote and did so the rest of his life. He did not make proper doggo noises he made coyote noises and his threat posture was a coyote one not a high chested doggo one.....I suspect he ate other dogs and cats as well.

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    Bless the coyote 4EVER.

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    Human see fluffy animals Human: I consider you as my pet

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    How very special are you?!!

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    2:56 bana para ver bana para ver

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    He is cute

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    This video should get a DElevel academy award !!

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    2:53 is the funniest shit I've seen all week. Thanks Dakota lol

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    We had foxes, until the coyotes exploded here. Favortism of an animal🤔 1) thats a small yote. 2) no, ours arent coydogs. 3) idk if i like you or not. 🤣

  • Donavon Bain
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    The wild ones took my buddy cat. TeeKays. In fair play, i plan on eating them in turn, any good recipes? Not being a jerk, just emotionally hurt

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    I live in San Diego California and was walking my dog, when a baby coyote started following me and tried to latch onto my husky. I called the local animal shelters and they said they'd put him down cause nobody wants them. Poor thing, no way. What should I do!!?

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    I’m friends with a wild pack of coyotes🦊

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    Coyotes make great actors. Here's my favorite movie delevel.info/stream/lprYZ5KxfouZdqU/video.html

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    It breaks my heart when ppl think its cute to own a wild animal and have no idea what to do with it after it grows a little and isn’t a cute pup anymore. So they drop at someone else door to late fir the animal to be reintroduced to its own kind also the animal maybe have bonded with you but gets abandoned, no wonder Dakota doesn’t like many humans half of the ones he trusted abandoned him. This lady is kind and he’s lucky that she is knowledgeable an understanding of his needs.

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    Thank you for your work.Others should not be keeping wild animals

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    Zero hens in your backyard?

    KAFKUBAVor 11 Tage

    Great personality!

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    Hes cute.🐺❤

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    I love Coyotes and Foxes! Love them! I love it when I see them out and about!🦊🐺🦊🐺🦊

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    Why does this female look like walter whites wife lmao

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    Let's be real who wouldn't love you am I right or am I right

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    Dakota just gave me a great idea of how save toilet paper

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    Cool coyote 🐕

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    I love watching cayote, especially when they got shot.

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    Lovely. He is like my spirit animal. Thanks for taking care of these beauties. Unlike many people on youtube who capture or buy these wild animals and imprison them as their pet, you are actually helping them to be as they are, wild and free.

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    Having seen this and domesticated fox and wolfdog videos, I feel like all members of the canine family have some kind of similar intrinsic behaviors that you just gotta unlock and bring out, but it doesn't work with wild ones of course lol. They all tend to act similar to dogs in some way when they are domesticated or pets, rolling around getting their belly scratched, licking to kiss, etc. They might make different sounds of course, but there is still some visible similarity across them all.

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    A coyote is bad. Bad= "basically a dog"

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    She plays so cute with Dakota. This young lady is a future great mother.

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    I find it hard to believe he wouldn't want anything to do with a female in heat.

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    Chongus coyote

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    Hes gorgeous and so are you !!!

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    Wow, Dakota’s beautiful!

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    "Hey horse, whatcha up to?" "Being a horse. What are you up to, coyote?" "Being a coyote. Hey human, whatcha up to?..."

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    Love DAKOTA!

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    Dakota was like, trinity did you hear that how rude she called me chonk 😤 trinity just laughs and Dakota be like 😣 you mean I'm going to bed 😭

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    I love Dakota!

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    Lovely to be near all those animals

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    Hiii you love you 😍

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    SaveAFox, Dakota is dragging his rump across the ground because he has worms. Or his scent glands that are located at his rear end need to be expressed.

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    At 2:28 I totally understand my furry brother

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    Bless its heart. Isn't he precious? I think that if coyotes and foxes can be domesticated that's what we should do instead of doing them harm. You ever let him in the house?

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    Thank you for giving this cayote a life that he deserves ❣️

  • Wangbu Unit
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    it's better to be a comedian than a asshole

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    What your doing for him is extraordinary god bless your heart truly!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Coyotes get such unfair treatment! They are blamed for cruelly killing pets - when in fact, a coyote will kill with one bite and distribute the food among his family. Raccoons, on the other hand - have been known to "hunt' kittens for fun, and even tear small animals apart while still alive. I've read horrible things about states like Wisconsin actually sponsoring coyote killing contests, disgusting beyond belief. Thank you for this video. He's a cutie.

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    Where's the other fox? ;0

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    Displays behavior as if he is constipated.

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    What is the coyote

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    Beautiful misunderstood creatures

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    hes very pretty

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    so if i wind up with a fox or coyote find another....

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    I hope he gets along with other canines sometime

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    He's not fat, he's fluffy! :)

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    Dakota looks happy. Love from Sweden

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    Coyote : Running the wild free Human : He needs to be rescued!

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    Coyotes are dogs 🐕 🐶🐶🐕🐕 i love Coyotes aka song dogs 🐕 🐕🐕🐶🐶

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    Awe beautiful x2

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    I hope people do know that you shouldn’t get near coyotes in the wild lmao they won’t be as friendly. I have a friend with a daughter who could tell ya bout it

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    I love you

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    Hey beautiful

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    2:55 LMAO 😆

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    It seems he acts just like a fox and it’s adorable

  • Steve Kasian
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    Animals don't drag their anuses on the ground for no reason. Dakota likely has some issues with his; Perhaps glands that are infected? Should probably get that checked out. No, I'm not a wildlife specialist; But I DID stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night!!

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    Is all the foxy skeakyness normal for coyotes or is that because he's been around foxes so much?

  • ConcernedCitizen5514
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    That's a handsome animal. Too bad they can be so vicious

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    LOL! is dakota taylor swifting? coyote's are evolving

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    It’s basically a dog

  • James Bathory

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    @Imperial Guardsmen just look at that thing

  • Imperial Guardsmen

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    Vor 20 Tage

    Well no

  • Kevin RAAAMAGE
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    Some people in my town fixed a coydog with their huskies for the "aesthetic" surprise surprise most ended up put to sleep. I saved one off Facebook and weighed 25lbs when he was supposed to weigh like 100-120. Mean as hell to other dogs, nice to people, took him a long time to get used to my dog, by the time he met my pup, they just play and play

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    Omw hes gorgeous

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    I am a werewolf Miss

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    a sweet lady she is..

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    As long as he has a good life. Such smart animals.

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    I almost like a coyotes, when i watching this video. Similar than german shepard.

  • MrWaalkman
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    We had a coyote/shepherd mix while growing up. I got Purdy (blame my sisters for that name, I was going with Dusty) from one of the janitors at my junior high school when I was about 12-13. She was a wonderful friend, and was incredibly shy but sweet. Her best friend (besides us) was Bert, our Saint Bernard/Great Pyrenees mix. When Bert died, Purdy died shortly afterwards of loneliness.

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    But Dakota is NOT alone!!! He has his ducky birdie toy!!!

  • peter
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    what a beautiful girl with a beautiful life doing so much good. Im on a ship outside the Norwegian coast in the Atlantic, came across this video randomly clicking away :)

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    your videos always make my day. thank you!

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    Is he Russian with an affinity toward 200 grit toilet paper? He reminds me a bit of my female wolf.

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    Oh.i loves hims. I bet he would bond with a road runner.horses are giant dogs with flat teeth.

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    "This is where he wants to be" ahhhhhhhh that felt good

  • Travis L
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    Lone coyote

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    seems like a typical dog. Most dogs that havn't been socialized act the same way.

  • Raphy Datoc
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    Dakota acts like a dog. But he's a coyote. Well I guess that makes sense since coyotes are a hybrid between dogs and wolves.

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    Wonderful Dakota 💖💖💖

  • Eaglelike
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    I disagree that Dakota would be happier alone compared to being with a female coyote mate

  • 4 BRATKA B
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    How is Dacota doing after so many months? Can you make a new video about this SWEETHEART? BLESSINGS FOREVER ❤❤❤❤❤🐺

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    Domesticating a coyote... Risky but challenging

  • Sebastien Ducimetiere
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    You wear love in your soul , that is beautiful . If anybody were like you on this planet , we would never have any problem .

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    TO BE HONEST, if i have learned forex when i was 10 years old my story would have been different, i mean forex is really easy i have traded it for years and i'm a profitable trader

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    After a horrible marriage I chose to live like Dakota. That dude has made a wise choice!👍

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    I don't want to be with other humans either. A year of solitary confinement from covid.

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    Love that cute dog!