Coming home at 3am to Vixie and Dixie hehehe's


I took this video as soon as I came home after being gone for a week


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    IP0 O. Bh.khhbkhkuiol.lllkb'b mho


    You ball of fluff you

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    so cute ❤️😍😍

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    The gurl: where is Finnegan fox? The foxes: *IN THE FOREST LOOKING FOR PEPPER PIG*

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    Plot twist she mistook Finn as dixiedo

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    Vav coolt 🦊🐺

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    meanwhile Finnegan: *wearing glasses to look smart creating a wonderfull plan to keep mikayla home*

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    He you a cry😭😭😭

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    Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehhehehhehehehehehheheheh 2000 years later hehehehehhehehehehehhehehehehehehehheheheheheh

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    They meow??🥺🥰

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    I die of cuteness

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    They’re kinda cute :)

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    . V ..

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    the Foxes are in the snow ❄️

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    Love you Windows Phone Web West Marine turkey rest West piçler Warren

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    Love is Dead Ermenek Sayın ara Olsun yine de yes yes yes yes paint ligler benim Bosch Thank you Arjantinli verdin Hindinin dinlet bittin ermenekli Bixi Man

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    Me is Love Finnegan And Dixie And Vixie🦊🦊🦊🧡🧡🦊🦊🦊🧡

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    its my first time hearing vixie make some noises than just her huffing

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    My friend when he wakes up: where's the coffee? I can't see coffee on this table,For God's sake, where's that coffee? Me waking up: good morning mom, the day is so beautiful, hehehe, wow, mom, the coffee is so yummy, hmmmmm

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    Dixie’s like are you crazy it’s the middle of the night lol. That fox likes to sleep

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    Nice thing

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    When does the snow stop up there!?

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    Çoooooook ama çoooooook tatlı😍😍😍

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    Hello Fox Dixie

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    Dixie makes higher pitched noises, Vixie makes longer and more stretched out sounds, and and Finnegan goes "HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE"

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    If u put Orange wings on vixie's eye she Will become whitty from fnf

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    I lov you awwww😊😊😊

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    Vixie is just the most giant puff of fluff XD

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    Where is Finnegan😭😭😭😭😭😭

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    Is the curse

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    What you going in3an

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    first how dxo you know which one is fin and which ones the Dixiedo? "whos a good fin" whos a good Dixiedo. i love you foxess!

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    Still cold in Minnesota I see. No big shock ! Still, your fox haven is incredible! Vixie is a darling !

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    Where did finnegan go

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    The back fox

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    Mikayla: *pets dixie* dixie: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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    Los zorros asen popo ? :/

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    This amazing refuge with all the beautiful foxes and wild menagerie has brought such light and fun to my grands and I. Thanks for sharing your adventures and kindness. ❤️

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    The hehehes the foxes make are my favorite sounds I love them all so much

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    Why are they in a cage


    Why does dixie look exactly like finnegan?

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    Very cute and adorable little foxes :3

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    Fur balls 😊

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    Dixie sounds like a cat

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    That's a scary hour that's why you can't find him

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    Vixie now clearly says her hehehe's loudly! Vixie before cannot.

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    Just Adorable

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    when i see finnigan 📀_📀

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    Vixie & Dixie are so cute!!! Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    Cute!!!!!! It's beautiful

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    Finegon the 🥰 cute

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    Dixiedo dount

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    Vixie doesn't get nearly enough scritches for her cuteness. She deserves all the scritches.

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    this is what 3am videos should be like

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    love your foxs videos

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    algum br?

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    Dixie Doo Vixie Voo

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    Finnegan: *ÆÆÆÆÆ*

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    Fin? Who's in here it's a Vixi and dixi.Dikis eyes shiny HELLO MOTHER YOU LEFT ME

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    Makayla: *drunk at bar closing at 2am Random Guy: Man, you're foxy. Makayla: I'll show you foxy. Lets go back to my place. Random Guy: *gets excited, Sure. They go back to SaveAFox Finnegan: Teehehheeeehehehehehehe Vixie: Tehehehehehehehe Dixie: Tehehehehehehe Makayla: Hehehe Random guy: ...

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    “ who’s a good Dixiedo?” Dixie: AHHHHHHHHHH!!

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    The fox is my favorite animal ^^ it its too cute ^^!

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    My grands and I love to watch these videos. They've learned a lot and we adore all the furry ones. Thanks for posting often.

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    They get fluffier and fluffier soooo cute 🥰

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    the Lvl 20 druid summons Animal Companions Vixie and Dixie xD

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    انا بحب عروضك 😍

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    This is the best 3 A.M challenge

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    How can I adopt a fox??

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    Came back to this video again to enjoy the hehehehehhees

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    Why does this channel have less views D:

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    cool lady

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    Fin: *disappeared* Also Fin in the background: HEHEHEHHEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHE

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    Any way wild is wild 😐

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    @c r y b a b y they will not show much respect as of dogs.and other pets They will live in their own world and we R all caging them.why.🤷‍♂️

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    @Vyshnav C V what’s your point?

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    They will not be like a dog.....🙂

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    user petfox0 on TikTok Mostly videos from here. Is there an official TikTok?

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    Get them in side

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    why are beasts laughing

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    Who saw the fox eyes in the back round glowing hold up was that a fox it is 3 am

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    Can you share with us your weather situation? How much snow on the ground, Temp and wind chill temp? Is this weather the norm for you all? Has there ever come a time when its just too cold for the foxes?

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    Awww so cute!

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    Please more of cuddly Vixie

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    Why do you have so many pets??

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    so fluffy 😍

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    I guess we got the answer as to what the fox says.

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    why am i literally crying, THEY ARE SO CUTE

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