Finnegan the pet Fox, ASMR


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    As we see here, Cats naturally gravitate towards any natural concentration of coziness. Suddenly noticing them can be surprising!

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    Has Finn been xrayed? He seems to be more and more annoyed.

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    Lol I was so excited for this to be actual ASMR 😂 I was like “oh hell yeah, the combo of the only 2 things I use YT for - ASMR and SaveAFox!”

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    Finnegan's a good boy.

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    thats a good foxy uwu

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    That is an electro shock collar on the fox!

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    Now that is the face of pure contentment !

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    Finaroo fox doze

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    Your foxes always make my day. Finnegan Friday. Xoxo

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    This sleepy boy is a peach.

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    Awww you good finnegan fox🥰🦊

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    This is the cutest thing I've ever seen I love Finnegan so much

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    That took a quick left turn.

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    That smile 😭

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    U roo roo

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    Such an old adorable foxxo.

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    Finn is a happy boi

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    Your Foxes are so happy, it brings tears to my eyes how good you are for those animals, God Bless you, your friends, family and loved ones.

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    Your friends the foxes. With the collar so they don't get lostes

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    I want to eat it.

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    ASMR fans would be mad with that loud ending

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    Thank you for the video.

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    Himbs a good boi

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    Finn is the perfect fox imo. look at his perfect tail and his perfect face. he may be tame but he will still let you know who is boss. Love this guy!

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    Love finigans smile 😊

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    Finnegan, complete with eye-boogers…

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    Wow he is soaking that up. He luvs his pets.🤣

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    Hi have a great day 🌈🍓🦄🍩🍉

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    I like it how Finnagen so chill and relaxed

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    I don't quite understand what the ASMR here. Then again I never was into ASMR

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    @Henry Fenry oh sorry i might've misunderstood the idea. I always thought it had like a physical pleasure side to it?

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    ASMR is to calm a person. Like how calm Finnegan is during pets (up until the last few seconds that is) lol

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    Long life to Finnegan ! We are all for Finnegan, Finn is our hero !!!!

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    I don't want to be a Gloomy Gus. I always 'like' your vids, because I love them and I love what you do. I also love who you are! Buut I know about the harm that radio/microwave EMF does, and inn will be happier and much healthier without that co;lar. He will live longer too

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    I don't want to be a Debbie Downer or anything, kay? But the trackinng collar is NOT good for Finnegan. For one thing, he is not going to run away. He knows where hie 'bread is buttered'. He loves you and is quite aware that you are his peeps. But more importantly, the radio EMF frequencies are harmful to him. They are pinging right into his body several times a minute. Realize it...or don't

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    We are not in 70s or 80s. Smartphones and especially devices like tracking collars are perfectly safe.

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    This proves my theroy the kitties are planning something an uprising perhaps

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    Wow asmr is very claming

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    So sweett 🥰🍭🍬🍠🧁🍩

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    He such a good boy and cute

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    Poor Finnegan. He was just dozing off when the cats said "Nope!"

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    End if nap. Chase cats. Love you Finn.

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    awww. That's good stuff.

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    Dang they were really about to jump my dude

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    Finnegan the lazy fox.

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    he's getting so old, and still the best baby boy. All the love sent

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    SaveAFox ASMR (real)

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    Ethan has a great laugh! It makes complete sense to me that he and Muttias have quickly become such close friends! 🧑‍🌾🍻🦊

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    I love him

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    Finnegan makes the cutest murmurs. Yes, Finn, go to sleep...Ahh, cats! It was good while it lasted. I love you Finnegan!!!🦊❤

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    I feel like sometimes we all just need a good pet and we'll be okay

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    Such a good boy. 🦊

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    He was just about to "heehee" but resisted.

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    What a sweet poteet is Finn.

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    “Damn, those cats! Just when I was starting to feel all tingly!”

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    Finn ❤️✨

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    Awwwhh.. Finnegan looks so small next to Ethan's hand.. 🦊🦊🦊🦊🧡

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    Aww and he was loving, getting petted by dad

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    Aw…the whisper at the end

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    Lindo zorrito🐶🥰🥰👍

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    He's an Angel when he's sleepy. Musta been so relaxed he didn't smell his cats creeping up.. Is he limping ?

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    Is Finnegan domesticated or just tamed? His friendliness really makes me wonder sometimes.

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    ​@Larkky Domestication refers to the selection of a certain trait in a population by humans over successive generations, while taming just means training a single animal. Also, in comparison to the other foxes under their care, Finnegan by far seems the most amenable to handling and interacting with humans, which seems more genetic to me.

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    You shouldn't need to wonder, foxes are generally quite friendly animals to begin with, probably the most friendly canines out there except for the common dog. I'm pretty sure tamed would describe Finnegan better, to be 'domesticated' means to be suitable for being inside a house, but Finnegan isnt because of his peeing habits

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    Ahh... so peaceful... so serene... I think I might just... *yawn*.... 0:44

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    What a beauty!

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    Aww the collar. I guess I’d say. In the end our heros become villains. Locked up by the neck.. God bless u Finn!!! A different kind of prisoner now. A cash cow. And fuck what you think. It’s real. God bless u fin! He was never meant to have a collar. Under any circumstances. Hence save a fox. Ironic.

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    No Finnegan is not the perfect, gentle fox. Finn is a bit of a bad boy at times. I think Mikayla has a soft spot for the bad boys!

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    Fin: laying on grass **clam** Cats come: WE HAVE THE FOX SURROUNDED GET READY TO OPEN FIRE **MEOW** Fin: **sense cat** nope no more scratchy get lost

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    Poopy kat...gggrrrrrr...

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    Finnegan: Enjoying all the attention Cats: oh yeah?

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    Ngl, I thought Mikayla filming this just being silence before it is an asmr.

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    Good boy

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    I can just feel how S-O-F-T that fur is.

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    Coming to you from Finneapolis, Finnesota! Author, playwright of countless videos, and fascinating funloving furry friend, Finnegan Fox!

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    So beauty😍

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    *A big cat fell asleep at a cat gathering*

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    Love finn

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    was worried at first he was having problems ... glad tosee he was just taking lovins

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    Love Finnegan

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    Just lying in the tall grass, life is good!

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    I literally had a emotional breakdown and I saw this video and my spirits got lifted, thank you

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    I love fox's but I won't have

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    What doesASMR stand for?

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    Best ASMR I've seen :P

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    Finnegan fox, A.S.M.R.- Always Seems Mighty Relaxed...

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    On the alert!

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    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha he goes hmm hmm

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    I love Finnegan. Do you know what he is allergic to?

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    It makes my heart happy to see how much Finnegan loves Ethan now💗

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    I'm glad Ethan came in Mikayla's and all our lives! He's a keeper!