Mala and Esmae's unique bond



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    How do you tell the difference between them? EDIT: Just figured it out. Esmae has black fur on the back of her neck, while Mala's is lighter.

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    ......................beautiful foxes

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    I want a treat 🥺

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    Why do people allways Talk so high Pitched to animals and children? I Like the Video but my ears are bleeding

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    You look all toasty warm!!! Is the pond frozen over??

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    All the treats nothing less

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    The bestest girls

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    I read a report stating female foxes will merge dens at times if the male in each den dies, so they raise the cubs together. So it is not impossible.

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    apparently the sound of treats also works on youtube for views

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    Could be Lesbians? Why not gay foxes?

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    I think finn got some COMPETITION Omg absolutely GORGEOUS

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    Gosh am I the only one who HATES that "Jagger" name? He's "Nebraska Fox" always in my heart.

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    Foxes make cats look slow and dim-witted. :)

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    You're pretty dope.

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    Kipper in the background looking on, so cute!

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    I think the word "treats" is the universal language for any animal. Seems they all learn that word first.

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    These girls are the ultra most bestest!

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    Esmae is just full of love. How gorgeous these two are! So happy to see this video

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    you will never grow old because the foxes keep you happy

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    Ляяя Какие няшные🥰🥰😍

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    You're so beautiful

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    It's so cute that they're a bonded pair but both females.

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    Love your animals

  • Frances Parker
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    Cute babies

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    They are beutiful animals,exspecially in the winter with there furry coats.

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    I dont know how to diferentiate mala amd esme, help!

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    I just love the special bond Esmae and Mala share! It's so adorable! I think they're a couple of my favorite foxes, too. 😊

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    So beautiful 😍

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    Mala and Esmae looking so cute, perfect names chosen, bravo!

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    You're foxes are Cute

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    Esmae and Mala are so cute ^^ We stan our lesbian fox couple ^^

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    They’re awesome 😍

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    Appreciate the informative narration. Want more inf. on all the animals. Thanks.


    Guess what I finally got the saveafox calander it looks so cute it had finnegan and Dixie and the other foxes I love it

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    Love ❤️

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    The fox wizard 😁

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    you are feeding your fox plastic. Just pull on the fluffy part of those toys and see the fibers on your fingers. Your fox are eating those plastic fibers.

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    What’s in those Fox treats? They sure love them

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    I like your t shirt

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    Surely your fella can flip your vids to read correctly?

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    Wow, these videos really makes my day 😍😍😍

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    How adorable the girls are! They’re like little puppies.

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  • Tobin Lynch has a magnus
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    Me to poachers and fur farmers: ⚔️🗡🔪🪓

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    fox girlfriends 🥺

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    cishets stay mad

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    Whats the average lifetime of a toy at SaveAFox ? I mean the foxes must chew on them pretty heavily i presume.

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    I love when you talk about the foxes.

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    Mala almost looks as big as a coyote almost both her and Esme that is

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    It’s so quiet in your area lol... I would love to have that peace and quiet

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    You can see kipper peaking around in the back in the beginning of the video

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    So cute 🥺

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    Such beautiful animals foxes are. I love watching you interact with them. They just love you!

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    Anyone else confused on how she tells them apart? I’ve been watching this channel for years and still confused

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    @Dušan ok ty

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    By eyes. Mala's eyes are brown and Esmae's are light green

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    A foxy lady showcasing a pair of lady foxes 🦊 ... On a more serious note, how long do the toys last before, I suppose, the foxes tear them up? Mikayla, try to keep the sun behind the camera when doing static recording. The glare in frame kinda washes things out a bit. And keep up the great work, on and off camera! I never gave foxes much thought until I stumbled upon your channel, and I’ve learned quite a bit from you. Well done!

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    The dark side of the fox is a pathway to many pairings, some consider to be unnatural

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    i always thought that Mala is a shoking

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    Please, I would like to see Dakota.

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    കുറുക്കൻ 😍😍😍

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    I choose to believe Mala and Esmae are girlfriends :3

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    It would be easier to see those shirts and pins if you used a proper camera that does not mirror the image!

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    As much as I absolutely love red foxes I can't deny how gorgeous the silver foxes are.

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    They are most cutese

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    Its confirmed, ESMAE IS A LESBIAN!!!! YAAAASSSSSSS!!!! we have another girl in our ranks!!!

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    @DFX2KX The only thing is the so called "mating call" isn't exactly a mating call. It is heard most during mating season, yeah but not soley during it, suggesting it has some other function as well

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    @FlightlessChicken they are, doesn't really change the behavior, though, which is funny.

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    They are literally all fixed tho

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    Bi, actually, if the mating calls to Jagger are any indication, lol

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    Matias , Esme , Mala

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    I abandoned my occupation thanks to that seek on the internet this *g r e a t e a s y p a y*

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    Poor Kipper in the background on the left fence at 2:42 he just wanted a treat too :(

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    Wow fox

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    these Foxes have a beautiful mommy

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    Such beautiful foxes

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    I would love to see Muttias in with these two, as they are all so loving and playful.

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    Girlfriends 🦊💕

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    When will Mala and Esmae get married?

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    hahahaha, that would be cute!

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    I do not understand the need of toys. These are wild animals .

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    They aren't. They're fur farm rescues.

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    Esmae? More like...Lesmae.

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    good stuff

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    What does the fox say? *HEHE HEHE HEHE HEHE HEHE!*

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    🤣🤣i am nights a you san

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    Oh hey, I think I've finally been watching this channel long enough to tell some of the foxes apart

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    They are so beautiful, as all of them are

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    "i want privacy with my toy." Don't we all?

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    I see you !!!

  • Jonathan Becker
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    Mala and Esmae are so friggin cute! It would be interesting to know if the groupings between foxes here, ie. multiple females or multiple males, result in better health outcomes? Like, is there a benefit to the overall health of the foxes from the socialization and interaction with companion foxes, as opposed to wild foxes with the extreme stresses they're constantly under just trying to survive. You can see the startle reflexes hardwired into these captive bred foxes' nervous systems. They're so reactive to any small movement around them. They're ready for fight or flight with the slightest provocation, even though there are no threats to speak of. Regardless, these furry little guys are so docile and intelligent. They're so much fun to watch.

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    I'm so happy! I can tell them apart now!! I love this channel so much

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    Has a wild fox ever found your establishment and check you guys out

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    so like, theyre girlfriends... if theyre pair bonded and both female theyre gay foxes

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    and they were roomates

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    I wan't BONGO! PERIOD. Poor boi not getting attention! There is a reason he's old and not caring anymore! I FEEL HIS PAIN. Wish i could take him for my damn self! Give him a goddamn mansion to live in.

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    Mala and Esmae might be my favorites, love these 2 sweet girls!

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    I adore these ladies 💋💖💜💖

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    Why is your footage mirrored...?

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    I wonder who really got Jagger to be their little kissy face. Battle Royale: Mala vs Esmae for the handsome boy.

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    Esmae and Mala are already together 😹

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    The new pins are so amazing!!! Thanks so much Mikayla for the info, I really appreciate you taking the time to explain things, I have everyone at work hooked on SAF ♥️♥️💯🤙