Bongo and Shadow battle over the deck


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    Bongo is very beautiful

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    Foxes are just so funny

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    Ethan: Ready to go? We'll never know where they're going...

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    Their fighting looks the same as their flirting.

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    Good shadow

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    That Ethan's "There you go" at the very end got me.

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    Hi have a great day 🌈🍓🦄🍩🍉🍭

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    Mikayla walks out like a mom "what's going on here" and they scrambled like "ooh nothing to see here mom. Everything's fine!" 🤣🤣

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    Run its Mum.

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    you scared the crap out them lol

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    I think that is the funniest video you have ever posted!

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    They're weirdly moody creatures.

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    "Sharing is for suckers" -these two

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    Never thought fighting between foxes can be cute. Thought they're biting and scratching. But these guys.....😄😁😀

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    Imagine if Duchess was there as well

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    "Who us, Mom? Of course we weren't fighting!"

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    Awwwww they are getting along.....

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    Mom to the rescue. Shadow for the win! ❤️ Although, Bongo had the upper *whine* until that door opened, lol!

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    While i agree with Shadows arguments, Bongo had some good points too! xD

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    Cutest fight ever caught on tape

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    Happy fox happy me

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    Not nearly as stubborn as Dixie vs Waverly

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    Well yeah. I won. Nah nah nah nah naaaaah nah. 👍☮️🌞🌟🦊🐾💕

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    Hey no one copies my name

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    Compelling. The "winner" never doubts. This film is a bit of a rough watch for me. Now I want to know Bongo's backstory.

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    Whole lotta posturing there!

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    X3 This is very nice. Haven't seen Bongo or Shadow have a funny moment like this b4.

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    Shadow: Bongo: “I HAVE THE HIGHT GROUND!!!”

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    After winning Shadow sits in the shadows😅 😂 🤣

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    (deck big enough for at least four foxes) "this deck's not big enough for both of us"

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    It’s weird to see bongo not just chilling out

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    bongo was being bad & he knew it, mama came to rescue, haha

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    More important than the fox battle... where did you and Ethan go afterward?????

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    It's not like there aren't enough toys there for six foxes.

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    There`s rules....

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    At first i thought i was gonna turn out like the stairs video when the girls were fighting. That posture they make when they do the fox trot is hysterical.

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    So funny 😆

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    "Oh shit ! Mom is hear act naturally "

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    One Shadow on the Deck is better than one Bongo drums on the stairs!!!

  • Stan Webb

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    I think you are the only here other than me that has sense of humor... I have made many funny comments... some are down out right knee slappers and others are the best sarcasm featured at the time for the situation.... but nobody has even said anything but you!!! TY!!!!!.... I thought I was loosing my touch!!!

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    Lol!!!! it..

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    Ey, where is Emmie these days? lol

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    Cheezit, Bongo, it's the cops! SCRAM!

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    "Roommates" having a misunderstanding....

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    My cats are fighting over the coolest place in my house right now, Tallulah Boo is winning she’s in the shower x

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    I really love Bongo he seems chill

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    I love how they’re just >:V V:

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    Such cuties 😍😍😍

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    I love their laugh

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    While Shadow did get the deck in the end, I can't help but think Bongo made the better logical argument.

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    Look at Bongo being all assertive 💖👍 Mikayla totally cheated to let Shadow win. 😅

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    Bongo looks like he ran off when you opened the door because he said something mean to Shadow like didn't love him or something like that

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    That's a very funny way to fight. 🙂

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    Shadows unequal ears are so cute

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    Bongo know he can’t win against mom.

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    Snuggly Snooze for the winner! :)

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    I wish I could solve all my problems by just sitting with my mouth open and going "Ahhhhhhhhh!"

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    That made me laugh and choke at the same time with how funny it is

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    At least it would force you to breathe better 🤓

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    Damn, Valve just announced their new gaming console and the foxes are fighting over it.

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    ... and you win the Internet for the day! 😆🤣

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    Mikayla shuffled the deck!!!

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    I woke up this morning to two crows arguing, so watching another video of Mikayla's foxes doing the same is rather interesting...

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    the reaction is realy awesome when Mikayla walks in and says hey 😂😂. Bongo is like oh shit 😲 its mom need to hide so she does not see i was behaving bad^^.

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    The open mouth face off is hilarious 😆

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    It is indeed a pretty darn sweet deck So quite understandable our fox two friends

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    Bongo! My bestest boi!! I'm sorry you lost the fight over the deck this time, but there will be other times to get the deck~! Love Bongo and Shadow so much

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    Both made some good points in the argument

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    Indeed quite intellectual. Now I will smoke my pipe and reflect.

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    Yay Shadow wins! Though they both could have stayed up there on the deck. It was funny when Bongo scampered down when Mom approached. Never a dull moment at Saveafox!🌈🦊

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    So cute They can share the deck.

  • doriangz
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    How does one determine when a fight should be broken up or when it should be allowed to run its course? I know foxes rarely get violent with each other and prefer to just yell but does anyone have any insight as to signs a situation is getting too hairy to tolerate?

  • The member with the best jams

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    @SgtSilverLining plus Mikayla has said before that there have been a few fights that did turn ugly but they're very rare are stopped before they could get worse. I remember there being a picture of Merri(One of the caretakers) with a bitten up hand that was the result of stopping a fight. The foxes involved weren't disclosed though but it doesn't surprise me if they have bad disputes at times. Luckily Merri and Mikayla haven't been severely injured

  • SgtSilverLining


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    Bongo was escalating and lunging even though shadow was already backed into a corner, which is the last step before a full blown fight. In most of the "argument" videos they either wear themselves out or one of them runs away, and shadow couldn't leave.

  • SoulSoundMuisc


    Vor 8 Tage

    I honestly don't think it has ever been an issue, but then we don't see every little thing that happens. The only injuries I've ever seen have been pre existing (pan with his broken leg, for example) or due to mishap. I've never seen a fox there with an injury caused by another fox due to violence. Now, if one of the mink got loose, that's another story. Mikayla has said a few times in the past that the mink would and could kill a fox.

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    Makes me wonder who is the loudest fox at SAF?🦊

  • Natty


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    Dixie and Vixie are the loudest arguing

  • Kyler Wulff

    Kyler Wulff

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    Sophie imo. She's usually quiet, but when she screeches, boy does she screech.

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    Dixie, I think. She's got quite the "SCREEEEEE" on her.

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    Poor bongo! You’re supposed to give up your seat for your elders!!

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    I love how they stopped fighting when Mikayla came out. Just like siblings fighting. 😁

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    They kind of are siblings

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    Mikayla is the real owner of the deck.

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    @griangroon minecraft no

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    Vor 8 Tage

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    They're duel will be legendary!

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    Everyone is a hardcase until Mom walks into the room. Lol! The way Bongo disappeared down the hatch with his tail poking out was hilarious.

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    Moms don't play!

  • johnnydoe001
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    It's like looking into the future of Serafina and Floofala. Except Serafina's coat seems all black. She doesn't even have the white tip on her tail. Does that usually grow in later?

  • johnnydoe001


    Vor 8 Tage

    Thank you both for you insights. I had no idea!

  • SoulSoundMuisc


    Vor 8 Tage

    Possibly, but I don't think so? Kipper, when he was just a fluffy baby boy had all of his markings. Since they're fur farm rescues bred for different coats and the like, we see some pretty extreme coat mutations. Floofala is also a pretty extreme coat mutation herself-- fully white without albinism. Hope that previous observation helps and hope you have a wonderful day!

  • Catherine Baldwin

    Catherine Baldwin

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    Sara would have a white tip tail because her Mom bit it off. She now happy and healthy, but she’ll never have a white tip.

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    So beautiful x

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    The guy who made this construction, i salute you.

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    Shadow: I's is winners nows. I's am foxiest fox!

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    What an epic battle! 🦊🦊🦊😃

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    Just Aaaaaaing into eachothers face. Civilityy

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    I love your profile image

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    Yep - genteel compared to how viciously humans treat each other, emotionally and physically

  • Rami Ungar the Writer
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    Bongo: "My deck! My deck! MIne!...OH MY GOD, it's the human lady! Bye!" *scampers through the trap door and back down to Earth.*

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    Vor 8 Tage

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    SaveAFox is quickly becoming Fight Club.

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    Dude, first rule of Fox Club…!

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    Maybe it's just a reaction to the extreme heat these days.

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    Shadow 1 Bongo 0

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    Aww, is that Dakota in the background?

  • Silver Hawk
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    Captain America; Civil War: *the most ambitious crossover between two side-* SaveaFox: *"That's cute, little man."*

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    Never give foxes access to Twitter.

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    🥰 so cute

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    i love seeing foxes gekkering

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    these 2 to me always seem to me to be the quiet sweet ones. i was proven wrong lol

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    The Power of the Platform goes to their heads

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    A Jackson

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    The deck is a place where even the quiet ones shall speak out XD

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    Black vs White

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    Bongo you coward.

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    If people did this in real life: nO Foxes: Still no, BUT TO CUTE

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    Foxes: Yell at each other over the deck Humans: Yell at each other using Tweetdeck We're not so different you and I.

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    @Donna V its kombatroll

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    @arfsnm dgn Take your spam somewhere else.

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    But the question remains: was mikayla ready to go?

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    It seems so 😄 the video ended

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    This is rap battle

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    I love all the shenanigans happening at SaveAFox 🥰

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    i love how when she walked in bongo immediately just went into the hole

  • ~Lynx~


    Vor 2 Tage

    @Dr. Steve Brule It's still a hole, cut out for the stairs.

  • Ransom Access Memory

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    From bunghole to bongohole in a second :)

  • Dr. Steve Brule

    Dr. Steve Brule

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    It’s stairs to go outside not a hole 🙂

  • arfsnm dgn

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    Vor 8 Tage LoL