See you in a few days Finnegan 😭


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  • HeyManderz
    HeyManderzVor 8 Tage

    I can’t imagine life without my daily dose of Finn...I can’t BEGIN to imagine how you feel about him! Sweet baby😭

  • Abhishek Kumbhar
    Abhishek KumbharVor 9 Tage

    Your voice is sooo cute and you too

  • TT Brito
    TT BritoVor 9 Tage

    Vida boa é esta do Finnegan!

  • Balázs Annabella
    Balázs AnnabellaVor 9 Tage

    I wish I had a Fox like this so cute ^^

  • Kamia K Daniels
    Kamia K DanielsVor 11 Tage

    how many foxes are there at save a fox?

  • SeaTML
    SeaTMLVor 12 Tage


  • Nicolly Cristine
    Nicolly CristineVor 12 Tage

    Love Fox❤️

  • Emily_Crazyxd
    Emily_CrazyxdVor 12 Tage


  • Professora Lucile
    Professora LucileVor 13 Tage

    See you in a few days finnegan

  • MarKZCliffZ [YT]
    MarKZCliffZ [YT]Vor 13 Tage

    She/he like crying and begging to dont leave

  • Jamari Adderley
    Jamari AdderleyVor 14 Tage

    Fundy! Is that you!?

  • มธุรส สอนนุชาติ
    มธุรส สอนนุชาติVor 15 Tage


  • snowie boo
    snowie booVor 15 Tage

    Im gonna miss him

  • Umbreon_Umbreon
    Umbreon_UmbreonVor 16 Tage

    Awwwwww,.... to cute and sad..

  • Esteban Pance
    Esteban PanceVor 17 Tage

    what does the fox say ? hehhehehehhehehheheheheheheheh

  • Inklover_XD
    Inklover_XDVor 17 Tage

    It's Very Cute i Start Love Foxes=D

  • m g
    m gVor 18 Tage

    What’s that movie line… “If he looks back, it’s true love”

  • Delilah hazfamily
    Delilah hazfamilyVor 18 Tage


  • Mia the cookie
    Mia the cookieVor 18 Tage

    I love Finnegan!

  • Matcha Melon
    Matcha MelonVor 18 Tage

    Finnegan: *gobbles*


    His face is sad tho😔

  • Demon Gurlz
    Demon GurlzVor 19 Tage

    Fin is sooo cute and precious

  • Dart Vod
    Dart VodVor 19 Tage

    She: He's so cute! Him: *proceeds to pee on the fence

  • Khoshal Miko
    Khoshal MikoVor 19 Tage


  • Tomato
    TomatoVor 19 Tage


  • Beattie Jones
    Beattie JonesVor 19 Tage

    Foxes laugh

  • Isaac
    IsaacVor 20 Tage

    Hes a patient fox. He will wait eagerly for your return!

  • Artur Zelman
    Artur ZelmanVor 20 Tage

    Girls: omg he didnt cry at the titanic, do men even have feelings. Men:

  • Margarida520 Animations
    Margarida520 AnimationsVor 20 Tage

    Bye Finnegan!!! A big hug from Brasil!!! 😿

  • Rachel bmd
    Rachel bmdVor 20 Tage


  • Selena Quintanilla
    Selena QuintanillaVor 21 Tag

    Finnegan so cue. 🥺

  • Lynxxie Skyy
    Lynxxie SkyyVor 21 Tag

    He looks so sad

  • Gerardus Caesar
    Gerardus CaesarVor 21 Tag

    We love Finnegan, please take care of him for us Finnegan fans

  • Kaia Surprise
    Kaia SurpriseVor 21 Tag

    You can see the sad look in his eyes 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Sandip
    SandipVor 21 Tag

    Recently My friend done the same with a fox Now He was on rabies vaccinations .....some time animals misunderstood us....this is my friend going’s to lunch this book sooner 😅as he was writter so....and the event was ptsd for him because he got bites on his 🍒...carefull with your actions.must advise

  • sneyra81
    sneyra81Vor 21 Tag

    for how long you meet with him? this is so precious connection... love that.. makes my heart warm... :)

  • TalabGaar
    TalabGaarVor 21 Tag

    Finnie & Mikayla's cute videos should go viral bcz these videos can destroy the entire fur industry single handedly.

  • Xxmidnight StxrsxX
    Xxmidnight StxrsxXVor 21 Tag


  • Storm Chaser
    Storm ChaserVor 21 Tag

    im gona miss you goodby finnegan

  • asher bautista gaming
    asher bautista gamingVor 21 Tag

    Where is Fenigan fox going

  • Medalion


    Vor 21 Tag

    Nowhere... MIkayla was going away for a few days to move some Foxes that were adopted... this is a regular occurence for this channel... but people seem to be thrown off by this video's title thinking it was something else

  • bardhul turtuli
    bardhul turtuliVor 21 Tag

    Poor finigen😭😭

  • Evis Gabriel Pabillo
    Evis Gabriel PabilloVor 21 Tag

    I missed Finnegan fox too..

  • Raiyen Djebali
    Raiyen DjebaliVor 21 Tag


  • 3progamerpower
    3progamerpowerVor 22 Tage


  • 3progamerpower
    3progamerpowerVor 22 Tage


  • 3progamerpower
    3progamerpowerVor 22 Tage


  • 3progamerpower
    3progamerpowerVor 22 Tage


  • 3progamerpower
    3progamerpowerVor 22 Tage


  • 3progamerpower
    3progamerpowerVor 22 Tage


  • 3progamerpower
    3progamerpowerVor 22 Tage


  • 3progamerpower
    3progamerpowerVor 22 Tage


  • beeorganic
    beeorganicVor 22 Tage

    Finnegan and his friends as fine so long as they don't mess with my chickens and other small livestock. If/When they do, they become former Finnegan's and friends and become coats, hats, or gloves.

  • Preeti Kothari
    Preeti KothariVor 22 Tage

    So cute ❤️

  • Andie 4U2
    Andie 4U2Vor 22 Tage

    Awwwww..... Keep him!

  • Jose Alfonso Botejara
    Jose Alfonso BotejaraVor 22 Tage

    Me emociona mucho Finnegan, se te saltan las lágrimas.

  • jamiehammell1
    jamiehammell1Vor 22 Tage

    I hope that one day we see a fox get called kurama 🙂

  • iiicottencandyiii
    iiicottencandyiiiVor 22 Tage

    He/she is such a sweet heart 😺

  • •DreamRain The Kitsune Productions•
    •DreamRain The Kitsune Productions•Vor 22 Tage

    boi this is so sad :(

  • Bálint Nemes
    Bálint NemesVor 22 Tage

    So scruffy and cute

  • Marius Karlsen
    Marius KarlsenVor 22 Tage

    Finnegan is so cute and adorabe the reason i followed saveafox

  • Oswald Mosley
    Oswald MosleyVor 22 Tage

    Kipper is leaving? 😢

  • Ay La
    Ay LaVor 22 Tage

    Now I want me a kitsune sniff :(

  • Tu madre dice
    Tu madre diceVor 22 Tage

    I can't believe there are people who disliked this video 😅 who could possibly not like animals?

  • Eva Pattison
    Eva PattisonVor 23 Tage

    I’m gonna miss him 😢💔

  • Maximus2004 Rkwow
    Maximus2004 RkwowVor 23 Tage

    Me want to cuddle finnegan

  • NAK
    NAKVor 23 Tage

    Finnegan melted my heart.

  • Yosemite Baxter
    Yosemite BaxterVor 23 Tage

    sooooo cute

  • Jhajha Pilla
    Jhajha PillaVor 23 Tage

    But the fox sound like a baby cry and I didn't know they can cry

  • Jhajha Pilla
    Jhajha PillaVor 23 Tage

    Man I want a fox now

  • Nanodecade
    NanodecadeVor 23 Tage

    I love you again

  • Dee Dee
    Dee DeeVor 23 Tage

    1:18 he left to go cry cause your leaving him

  • Aärvid Smörgos
    Aärvid SmörgosVor 23 Tage

    I know everybody knows it already but.... He's Finnegan is sooooo adorable and cute ❤️❤️❤️

  • Cutiekitten 101
    Cutiekitten 101Vor 23 Tage

    I just got a call to say hello and 🥰

  • dark pro darc bro
    dark pro darc broVor 23 Tage

    WoW like my cat how i left her in 5 days ( ⚈̥̥̥̥̥́⌢⚈̥̥̥̥̥̀)

  • Ayano Aishi
    Ayano AishiVor 23 Tage

    Awh what a little baby chikkin nuggi

  • Kayla Hobbs
    Kayla HobbsVor 23 Tage

    Why are you leaving for a few days? I think finningin is sad now

  • Katz
    KatzVor 24 Tage

    Finnegan is just so cute and so good.

  • Midnight cute Wolfe
    Midnight cute WolfeVor 24 Tage


  • Bozica Bakovic
    Bozica BakovicVor 24 Tage

    Believe It or Not Finnegan is behaving like human just love that fox🦊❤💋

  • Dennis D'Menace
    Dennis D'MenaceVor 24 Tage

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

  • Todd Starlin
    Todd StarlinVor 24 Tage

    Finnegan best boy ever!

  • Neil Smyth
    Neil SmythVor 24 Tage

    Finnigan and you are single handedly raising Fox Rescue Awareness around the globe due to your videos going viral. Finn being so loving is literally changing the world for the better.

  • Buck Early
    Buck EarlyVor 24 Tage

    So hard to say goodbye even few days. I always tell Chloe, my Manx bye,...back in a bit,..when I go to the store. And I'm always greeted when I come in with purrs and rubs!! It's like " where have you been for so long??".

  • denise rivera
    denise riveraVor 24 Tage

    Oh no thats so sad😭😭😭

  • mo i
    mo iVor 24 Tage

    He is a good boy so fuzzy 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • isaL
    isaLVor 24 Tage

    Looks like finnegan does not care

  • Flávio Motta
    Flávio MottaVor 24 Tage

    i love you fox

  • Enoch Kodua
    Enoch KoduaVor 24 Tage

    bye finnegan :(

  • Mr telewizor
    Mr telewizorVor 24 Tage

    Its cute

  • luna
    lunaVor 24 Tage


  • Itz Blaster
    Itz BlasterVor 24 Tage

    Could you please record their reaction when you come back?

  • Melissa Martin
    Melissa MartinVor 24 Tage

    I love how he turned back to get one last look at her.😍😍🥰🥰


    I wish you good luck and safe travels!!

  • Manu John
    Manu JohnVor 24 Tage

    Somebody eat that fox, already

  • Matss Helli
    Matss HelliVor 25 Tage

    Finnegan Fox 🥰❤❤❤

  • Nicola Verrill
    Nicola VerrillVor 25 Tage

    Lol yay

  • wahida weda
    wahida wedaVor 25 Tage

    🦊 FOX

  • Susie Afton
    Susie AftonVor 25 Tage

    I want foxes I wanna hug them!

  • Jazzy
    JazzyVor 25 Tage

    Aww Finnegan 🥺

  • David Clécio
    David ClécioVor 25 Tage

    love you