Jade update! We found a placement for him!


Jade will be going to the owner of
Windmill Animal Rescue ➡️ WindmillAnimalRescue/
Her name is Toni Maat is a wildlife rehabber!


  • Ace Kaci
    Ace KaciVor 23 Tage

    I bet it’s tough on you guys when foxes don’t want any interaction, but thanks for showing us this. It’s good to see how you handle foxes like this and how you do your best to find a home that’s right for each individual fox, even if what they need is less traditional or harder to accommodate. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Rusty Sanchez
    Rusty SanchezVor 24 Tage

    Ugh she is not looking attractive in this video. Please fix your hair and make yourself presentable

  • ارنمة
    ارنمةVor 27 Tage

    الله صل و سلم على نبينا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين وسلم تسليما كثيرا إلى يوم الدين

  • Zack Fair
    Zack FairVor Monat

    animal instinct hype :3

  • Leah Warner
    Leah WarnerVor Monat

    Aww well I'm glad he'll get a home!

  • Rhodeygirl
    RhodeygirlVor Monat

    If Jade is that skittish around humans, why not release him to the wild?

  • Dušan


    Vor Monat

    Because he is a captive bred fox. These foxes have many genetic defects and overall different genetics than wild foxes. It could be deadly to wild population if those articifical genes are introduced to them

  • PrdCamerican
    PrdCamericanVor Monat

    Maybe Jade wants to live on the tree with Felix since he does not like human interaction.

  • Sv Harken
    Sv HarkenVor Monat

    Thats so amazing! go Jade!!

  • Vegan4life not just4fashion
    Vegan4life not just4fashionVor Monat

    Good luck Jade show then young foxes how its done. Bless him.

  • Louanne Stenson
    Louanne StensonVor Monat

    You are doing such great work for these animals. Thank you. ❤️

  • Gregory Humphreys
    Gregory HumphreysVor Monat

    Hard to disguise those feelings in your voice... we all wish Jade well and a happy life.

  • Hackeronte
    HackeronteVor Monat

    No belly rubs for Jade

  • Filip Borin
    Filip BorinVor Monat

    it looks scared

  • Kathleen
    KathleenVor Monat

    Creative solutions are always the best! Fantastic idea for Jade

  • Jade Alyx
    Jade AlyxVor Monat

    Omg my spirit animal and my name how perfect lol. He is adorable. I hope he continues with a wonderful journey in life.

  • meantares
    meantaresVor Monat

    Jade will find his destiny and it’s going to be nice and am sure he’ll find his comfort there. You helped him along the way to find his place. So don’t worry. Don’t be sad. Jade will be happy, secure and find his peace.

  • 4xzx4
    4xzx4Vor Monat

    He is socially distancing. Such a cutie!


    SUPER FOX ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Sunshine !
    Sunshine !Vor Monat

    Just love the mad respect you have for each fox and who they are. Go live your best life, Jade!!!

  • E P
    E PVor Monat

    Bless you for treating and assessing each fox as an individual, doing what is right for him and her. I admire you more than I can say.

  • jack krauser
    jack krauserVor Monat

  • Poopy Princess Toiletpaper Terrorist
    Poopy Princess Toiletpaper TerroristVor Monat

    I am so glad you do your best to place foxes where they will be happiest and perhaps useful as well it seems.

  • Zeafer Jones
    Zeafer JonesVor Monat

    Finnegan is like the fox version of Goku and Jade is like the fox version of Vegeta. I wish Jade the best!!!

  • Pammi Dolittle
    Pammi DolittleVor Monat

    I know how he feels sometimes it's just too peopley out there and we like our own space.Good to see he will go on to help other foxies find their way in the world too💕💕

  • Cat Herder
    Cat HerderVor Monat

    Jade is my spirit animal, I don't want any human interaction either.

  • trader025
    trader025Vor Monat

    We foster ferals from our local shelter when they cant be TNR'd. Same kind of thing - some you can work with and will turn in their feral card over time some it takes a few years others it never really gets beyond they being to tolerate humans.

  • Just4mygrl
    Just4mygrlVor Monat

    I'm sad to hear that but then glad that Jade will be helping other foxes, we love you Jade

  • screamsformemes
    screamsformemesVor Monat

    Excellent!!! Sounds like the perfect job for Jade. Glad to see him going into an environment where he can be less stressed!

  • Roxanna Marinak
    Roxanna MarinakVor Monat

    Sounds like a good idea for jade.

  • Daisy Zayas Carrasquillo
    Daisy Zayas CarrasquilloVor Monat

    I love foxes

  • mix -vip
    mix -vipVor Monat

    What a beautiful name ☘️

  • God'sDaughter
    God'sDaughterVor Monat

    My concern is who will teach the fox pups how to hunt for food once they are released in the wild.😒 I pray this works out. I love Jade, by the way. 💝

  • mclarensmps
    mclarensmpsVor Monat

    Great video of a Jade Statue!

  • Sula TheNewfie
    Sula TheNewfieVor Monat

    This like good news/bad news.... feel blandly he is to afraid to enjoy the love Mikayla gives them, but if that won’t happen than this truly is best solution for him. Crossing my fingers that works! Please do a followup and let us know how that worked out!

  • Sipan
    SipanVor Monat

    Wow, Makayla looks exactly like Natascha McElhone.

  • Carol Berridge
    Carol BerridgeVor Monat

    Brilliant solution. You are so thoughtful! All the best to you and the critters---and the rehab lady who is providing the other half of your nuanced solution for little Jade.

  • Carmen Nunnally
    Carmen NunnallyVor Monat

    You are so good to them. Do you have the shirts with a V neck. Thank you

  • mike smith
    mike smithVor Monat

    All my love to Jade, all the best!

  • Marsha Denton
    Marsha DentonVor Monat

    I love jade and your Fox's

  • Teresa Simmons
    Teresa SimmonsVor Monat

    So glad you found him a great home and job

  • K Magee
    K MageeVor Monat

    Thanks for your work. You have been helping animals for many years. You are today's "Dr. Dolittle" :)

  • Swamp Ass
    Swamp AssVor Monat

    Is there a reason why Jade couldn't be released into the wild?

  • Swamp Ass

    Swamp Ass

    Vor Monat

    @Dušan ahh okay, so who's going to teach the pups he's going to watch over to hunt?

  • Dušan


    Vor Monat

    He's a captive bred fox so he doesn't have skills to hunt and basically survive in the wild. But most important thing is that captive bred foxes have different genes and many genetic defects that can be deadly to wild fox population.

  • Sharise Love
    Sharise LoveVor Monat


  • Pat Roberts
    Pat RobertsVor Monat

    Sounds like you have done a wonderful assessment on the best situation for Jade and I’m sure he will be doing a great job as a “young fox wild & skittish professor” !! Professor Jade!

  • katherine blagg
    katherine blaggVor Monat

    And when can you do a video somewhere or do something else and I like your fox videos when can you see if they can all play together except the other others or something like that

  • Chesney Afton /C.A.
    Chesney Afton /C.A.Vor Monat


  • Trevieze
    TreviezeVor Monat

    Such a beautiful fox.

  • Byron Mcilroy
    Byron McilroyVor Monat

    Jade’s own classroom. “”Teacher can I go to the bathroom?” Jade: “Sure, just use the front of my desk.”

  • D
    DVor Monat

    Jade will be missed.

  • Nancy Whitten
    Nancy WhittenVor Monat


  • Pineapple.Pixels
    Pineapple.PixelsVor Monat

    Jade is going to do great.

  • S. B. Ghazalli
    S. B. GhazalliVor Monat

    Jade is anti social. Kinda my spirit animal. lol.

  • Piyath
    PiyathVor Monat

    I'm mostly like Jade tbh. I hate human interaction sometimes. I just wanna be left alone.

  • Sylph OftheWildWoods
    Sylph OftheWildWoodsVor Monat

    You're a sweetheart Mikayla. Thank you so very much for your diligence in finding the best placement for your rescues. ♥️

  • Tony Shaw
    Tony ShawVor Monat

    may his new home be better for his needs

  • Harry
    HarryVor Monat


  • стас киреев
    стас киреевVor Monat


  • N Taylo
    N TayloVor Monat

    We are pulling for you Jade. GOOD luck and hope this next move is your forever home and purpose. Look forward to the Jade updates.

  • Shelby
    ShelbyVor Monat

    Jade: You ain't gonna 'git me'

  • Plunkett Dublin
    Plunkett DublinVor Monat

    Brilliant Michaela. Heartens m to see this!

  • rylee shalz
    rylee shalzVor Monat

    vAnthony Edwards

  • blessing shop
    blessing shopVor Monat


  • Jessiebes
    JessiebesVor Monat

    What a perfect solution!

  • Jimmie Giboney
    Jimmie GiboneyVor Monat

    Thanks for all the good that you do. 😎👍🖖 My condolences on, Mouse, but also for having to say farewell to, Jade. 😟

  • chris sikes
    chris sikesVor Monat

    poor baby, be happy and helpful

  • Clarence Young
    Clarence YoungVor Monat

    So happy for Jade! 💖🇺🇸😎

  • Dennis Mason
    Dennis MasonVor Monat

    Jade: "Humans...destroy beautiful earth...humans...leave Jade alone...".

  • Deborah Watson
    Deborah WatsonVor Monat

    Awe, upsetting for you, but, well done and I'm sure Jade will be Happy, Stay Safer and Keep up all your Good work, XX

  • Maximuss
    MaximussVor Monat

    Can you please keep us up to date about his life at the other place. Is he going to be released himself as well in time? :)

  • Dušan


    Vor Monat

    No, Jade is captive bred fox, so he can't be released

  • halusia niemcy
    halusia niemcyVor Monat

    Pieknie,pokochalam liski👍💟😺

  • Emka Konyova
    Emka KonyovaVor Monat

    It' s soooooooooo cute

  • E B
    E BVor Monat


  • Silver Animations
    Silver AnimationsVor Monat

    Its finnegan fox friday❤️😍🥰🦊

  • Itz Not
    Itz NotVor Monat

    Did the video glitch for other ppl too at 1:19

  • Natasha B
    Natasha BVor Monat

    this is so amazing that you always manage to find the perfect environment for each fox with great respect for their personalities. i'm sure jade will be happy there helping small pups.

  • Dan Eady
    Dan EadyVor Monat

    Just like humans, we all want different levels of interaction. Great that he has a good future ahead of him.

  • Savannah M
    Savannah MVor Monat

    His coat is stunning. Sweet boy. I hope his transition goes smoothly. ♡ love what you are doing for these animals! Thank you!

  • Gladys Wilton
    Gladys WiltonVor Monat

    Hope Jade has a happy life

  • Lesley Robertson
    Lesley RobertsonVor Monat

    I always watch in awe.

  • Millua
    MilluaVor Monat

    Glad to hear you found a great placement and future role for him.

  • Duraid Hamed
    Duraid HamedVor Monat

    Watching U From Baghdad Nice Video Wish U Best /Baghdad 10 45 Mar 19 😍🦊👌👍🌹

  • kittehgo
    kittehgoVor Monat

    Ok so as of posting, 13 have disliked this vid. Are they against Jade getting a better home and a great life teaching fox kits, or is the decor of his enclosure?. Is it Mikayla they dislike?, her shirts?. I have so many questions, why the dislike???

  • Corona Quarantini
    Corona QuarantiniVor Monat

    I love your problem-solving. I wish Jade well as a wild fox tutor.

  • Dark Soul
    Dark SoulVor Monat

    Good luck Jade ❤

  • Renzo Tascheri
    Renzo TascheriVor Monat

    Jade got himself a good job, yeay !

  • مؤمن الغراغير
    مؤمن الغراغيرVor Monat

    Nice bro you friend 🙋🏻‍♂️🥰

  • puppycat58
    puppycat58Vor Monat

    Always remember ❤Mouse...so sad...To bad about Jade. .Gee...I wish they weren't letting baby foxes out into the wild...with what happens to them....I just get nervous...to see what you have done with the foxes and Dakota and kitties etc...has been a blessing...God Bless...

  • claire timmons
    claire timmonsVor Monat

    Hi have a great day 🌈🍓🦄🍩🍉🍭🍪🍩🐶🦊🍒🌞🍭

  • Mads Johnsen
    Mads JohnsenVor Monat

    This is really nice. Wild animals should be wild animals when they get opportunity.

  • Black Light
    Black LightVor Monat

    Thanks for update and good luck.

  • MakThreeThree
    MakThreeThreeVor Monat

    I'm not far from Elko, MN. Great people there. Best of luck to you Jade.

  • kevin courtney
    kevin courtneyVor Monat

    What a great idea!

  • Marcelina Brudnicka
    Marcelina BrudnickaVor Monat

    So cuteee

  • Jada Rose
    Jada RoseVor Monat

    This is so amazing Mikayla!!!! Such a brilliant solution for him, I'm glad you and your mentor found a way to help Jade and releasable foxes at the same time 💗 this is why you're the best, thank you so much for all your hard and vital work

    DYMINGVor Monat

    Its nice cage, and Jade like it

  • Stones223
    Stones223Vor Monat

    Very proud of you Jade! Go be the best Puppy teacher ever!!

  • Elisabeth Nunez
    Elisabeth NunezVor Monat

    Sophie is gonna miss him

  • Life Negotiator
    Life NegotiatorVor Monat

    In fox world we get someone like jade . we also get someone like finnegan aka the heheheh fox

  • juan doe
    juan doeVor Monat

    yes bless him

  • Cotton CandyOwO
    Cotton CandyOwOVor Monat

    “Funny how this is my name”.