Finnegan Fox chats while being scratched



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    He get good neck scratchies

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    Why did i read as Rinnegan Fox?

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    so cute

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    i want the black

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    Lucy fox yabuih wkahd

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    It almost looks like he’s smiling!

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    What does the fox say? *Hehehehehehehehehhehehe*

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    This makes me want a pet dog! :3

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    Where do you live that allows foxes?

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    Aww so cute Finnegan fox, he is like baby fox because he is care of him :D

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    Send money ... You've been scammed. !!

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    fat ass fox ngl

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    It's just its fluff lol

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    Aw man...I mean i love fox it's my favourite animal actually

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    0:23 fox touchs arm

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    I'm doing as much research as possible. I want to move to a place where I can own a fox. I want to spoil them with love and good food.

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    the fox is amogus

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    i like it how the black fox ran away when she said 'u jealous'. This is what the fox meant Mikayla: *pets finnegan* Vixie: Ugh, why u no pet me, (or how they like to say it) heh heh hehh hehehh Mikayla: U jealous Vixie : Heh hehhh heh *hehh hehhh* (No, No I am not *silently cries*)

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    Now that is one charming fox... ohh look at that smile! Yes thats a smile, yes it is...

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    Finnegan fox is a cool dude

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    i wonder how Senko will react if i do this to her

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    Thank you for rescuing those cute fluff balls, I have no idea why anyone would want to hurt such cuties. I wish I could have your land and all those fluffies. 💕❤

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    i grew up on a maple sugar farm in Mass. We had several foxes this friendly once they knew you. they would sit with me for hours.

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    He's in heaven...

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    can I adopt these foxes

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    He has personality

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    What a beautiful baby boy Fenn We love you all over the world

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    Hi Fenn

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    i want a pet fox now

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    To think somebody disliked this cutie

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    sevişiyor lar

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    I think the way to get homes for the ones you want to be adopted, is to advertise them as silly dog's... just leave out the part that they like to eat chickens.

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    @neoletta markzen I believe they would make very good pets, as long as people realize there are some things about them you probably can't change... Like their instinct to hunt and you need to know a few things like not ripping your hand out of it's mouth when it's biting at you... But yah, I watch Finnegan fox and dixi a lot.

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    every animal needs to eat something

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    I like finnagens laugh

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    It makes me happy.....

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    :41 that face we must make finnecoin

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    Beautiful animals

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    "Are you jealous?" "Hmpf. Good day to you madam..." - turns and leaves.

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    Adorable cutie this baby

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    That's the "Finnegan's Rainbow FOX".. And, totally Not related to Fox News!!!

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    I love Finnegan Fox !!!

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    I had a fox under my shed and I left a dog biscuit for him a couple times. Both times he thanked me by crapping on my back steps. I don't do that anymore, and neither does he.

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    All God's creatures love love...

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    Wow!! Finnegan is so cute!!! I love Finnegan!!❤️❤️❤️🦊I wish I was in the city and country where you lived to help you save the foxes, they may seem cunning but they are also living beings and need attention and love🥰Like any other animal or living thing🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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    😍💜 so cute!

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    Nice thèse foxes

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    Finnegan fox likes to be hugged

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    Love it!

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    Cute. So what part of the country do foxes live in? I'm from Hawaii so I have no idea


    1:24 fin: s'op wooking ad my wee woo noze

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    Very much like a Shiba Inu

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    Nick Wilde: ...

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    just a few years ago was riding my bike near bancroft ontario it was about ten in the evening in the summer it was a warm night on the two lane secondary highway an 80 kmh road saw a red fox just got hit by car it was new now this made me wonder because the amount of cars on this evening would be slow a car passing by every minute or so the fox would have been able to cross with lots of room it seemed often tried to figure why that fox would of run out right in front of the car just a certain instinct possibly

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    I want one

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    They must make a movie about Finnegan😍

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    Me seeing this Remebers Seamus finnigan

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    i wish i could adopt a fox

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    Absolutely adorable...

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    Looks like Finnegan is getting a little tubby!

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    Is it an american red fox?

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    lovely foxes ❤️

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    What type of fox is Jameson (hope i got his name correctly)?

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    @Dušan Thank you for your response :) i've learned so much about foxes watching this channel.

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    @S H Yes, Red foxes can be in many different colors, even in the wild, but especially captive bred ones. Jameson's color variations is called Red Marble, but he is still a Red Fox

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    @Dušan Even though he's white ?

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    Red fox

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    Fundy vs Finnegan Epic battle

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    Why go "HEHEHEHEGHEGHE" and not "what does the fox say?"??

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    My cats tail is as fluffy as Finnegans one

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    That is so precious!! God loves all the animals He has made and we have a responsibility to take care of and to love them as He loves them! Thank you for loving and taking care of these foxes...great video!

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    I can live with that

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    Make no mistake .he is a meat eater

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    All i want is a chicken a day

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    Por que yotube me recomeinda esto.. ahhh verdad

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    I Love finnigain fox

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    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love folks

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    He is such a cute boy. I love Finn. 😭😭

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    Chubby foxes, don't see this every day

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    makes you want one for company, sounds like my dog when I scratch his ears

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    i just realised that fox say heheheheh not dingdindgingdingding

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    so much cuteness that i'm exploding😍😍

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    finnegan is the best boi and we must protecc the best boi.

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    One day you will wake up and go outside and Finnegan will be dead have you thought about that?

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    Fuck you arent fun at parties are you?

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    i may live in the era of some major world craziness. but i also live in the era of finaroo. which kind of makes it all okay. For real. 💕

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    Ooo cute fox :3

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    I have a stuffy named Frederick that is a fox

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    I love the World. There is so much beauty and love in all beings. Anaimals, humans and existens it self

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    So precious

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    so cuteee

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    Fox is like cheetah. Both animals have the best things of cats and dogs in only one being.

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    Please reaf:"scratched"...... my phon😀

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    Finnegan is sooo cute and joyful, when you c9ratched her. Thank you for nice video😀😍♥️

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    It is funny that the fox was name Finnegan, there is a well known car guy and he looks a little like the fox and his name is Mike Finnegan from the road kill show.

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    Save the foxes.