Finnegan Fox gets to much affection and hides in fox den


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  • Sharmila G
    Sharmila GVor 27 Tage

    Oh I know you have a good day I know you you’re going to be able to come over to my house

    SHAUN FARINASVor 28 Tage

    I like it when he gets excited when you show up to pet him

  • Rahul
    RahulVor Monat

    You looking so beautiful

  • Seth Bettwizilch
    Seth BettwizilchVor Monat

    Leo has forgotten how to jump.

  • Medalion
    MedalionVor Monat

    Sometimes your love is too much even for Finnegan... did you see how excited FInn got... like he was almost freaked out... he was panting very heavily and kept turning over and over as if to hide lol

  • CaRnAgE_4_Justin
    CaRnAgE_4_JustinVor Monat

    I vote for Finniegan fox Friday as a national holiday ❤️ who's with me

  • Gun Nut productions
    Gun Nut productionsVor Monat

    Leo needed a minute to start his cat anti gravity generators

  • LyricalXilence
    LyricalXilenceVor Monat

    What!!! Finnegan will eat the poor Atlas?! I feel betrayed.

  • Daemon Bradshaw
    Daemon BradshawVor Monat

    Leo forgot how to cat

  • ramsay coronado
    ramsay coronadoVor Monat

    Have a great weekend too!! 🥰

  • Tanvir R
    Tanvir RVor Monat

    You alone take care of these children of mother nature?

  • John Jeczalik
    John JeczalikVor Monat

    I didn’t realize until now that you had gotten a haircut! Unsurprisingly, I got one a little over a month ago!

  • Harold Perry
    Harold PerryVor Monat

    Nice animals, nice hair too

  • Eli Vega
    Eli VegaVor Monat

    Finn is my spirit animal lol

  • Josh Blackmore
    Josh BlackmoreVor Monat

    Oh my gosh Finnegan looks so tiny in that shot 2:52

  • JM Barg
    JM BargVor Monat

    Great!! 😄♥️

  • Cristofer Gnecco
    Cristofer GneccoVor Monat


  • Cristofer Gnecco
    Cristofer GneccoVor Monat


  • Sabrina Babina
    Sabrina BabinaVor Monat

    I love finnegan so cute ❤️ from Algeria 🇩🇿


    What is Alice ???

  • Sharmila G
    Sharmila GVor Monat


  • hlamart
    hlamartVor Monat

    I love that 9.6K people dig the fox fun here! I watch at least one a day just to enjoy the happiness, and my white boxer, Daisy, loves your voice and Finnegan’s laughter. She perks up when she hears you all. Every back yard needs a possum and a fox.

  • butterandjamtoast
    butterandjamtoastVor Monat

    Disney Pixar needs to cast you in a Fox movie...

  • PJ VC
    PJ VCVor Monat

    Oh god, I saw a Finneas compilation with a sad overtone on 9gag and instantly rushed here to check Finneas was still alive. thank god!

  • Gisela Weidner
    Gisela WeidnerVor Monat

    I am in germeny

  • Gisela Weidner
    Gisela WeidnerVor Monat

    Can u adopt these foxes then i dixie

  • Ged Halewood
    Ged HalewoodVor Monat


  • Spair
    SpairVor Monat

    How deep do their dens go? Was Finnegan at the end of his?

  • Amanda Hunt
    Amanda HuntVor Monat

    Finnegan pictures no photographs! 🤚🏻🦊

  • SpektrumSP
    SpektrumSPVor Monat

    Oh my god you're too damn gorgeous

  • Václav Vlach
    Václav VlachVor Monat

    Dont stop believe IT!!! Nakup olejíčky a než budeme mít rande, tam mě můžeš namazat, Honzo :D

  • soulseeker
    soulseekerVor Monat

    Im Wondering somenthing

  • Laffingrl
    LaffingrlVor Monat

    Please boop Atlas' huge,pink nose!

  • Simple Jack
    Simple JackVor Monat

    Leo doesn't cat very well...

  • Meowlonix
    MeowlonixVor Monat

    omg you dont know how much this video makes me feel amazing!!

  • Mustafa E.
    Mustafa E.Vor Monat

    Tuna hanım arada güzel şeyler de atıyor. Oradan geldim.

  • cygnustsp
    cygnustspVor Monat

    You are ridiculously awesome and i wish i lived there

  • GRooVe MaKeR
    GRooVe MaKeRVor Monat

    dream girl

  • Tyler Suard
    Tyler SuardVor Monat

    You are just surrounded by love. This is so wonderful.

  • Amarikita
    AmarikitaVor Monat

    "Are you in your fox den??" No, I'm in the cocktail lounge of the Waldorf Astoria having a martini.

  • 162iceguy
    162iceguyVor Monat

    Wow you like Wendy’s logo girl.

  • Fox Mccloud
    Fox MccloudVor Monat

    Is that my great great grand dad FINNEGAN?!??!?!

  • Camryn Dahl
    Camryn DahlVor Monat

    Look at his little tail. He's so freaking cute~

  • XxcrystalxX
    XxcrystalxXVor Monat

    We need Muttis Monday

  • Zensee
    ZenseeVor Monat


  • V.D. A
    V.D. AVor Monat

    Is he ill?

  • michelle g
    michelle gVor Monat

    Where is Pan??

  • Vanlalruata Pachuau
    Vanlalruata PachuauVor Monat

    at first i thought to myself why is there a baby crying in the background then i realised

  • Steven S
    Steven SVor Monat

    More Alice!

  • Kevin Martell
    Kevin MartellVor Monat

    I like fox

  • Jyotika Shikhawat
    Jyotika ShikhawatVor Monat

    Her hairs are really looking good though...

  • Le Daverix
    Le DaverixVor Monat

    i wonder, did Finnegan dig this Cave by himself?

  • David Donaghy
    David DonaghyVor Monat


  • Classy Chassey Car Hop Trays
    Classy Chassey Car Hop TraysVor Monat

    Love you Finnegan, have been following you for awhile. Car hop trays from amazon, stay safe.

  • Hamid Reza Salehi
    Hamid Reza SalehiVor Monat

    Finnegan ist mittlerweile der berühmteste Fuchs im Universum des Internets ❤❤❤

  • DSBeastPlayz
    DSBeastPlayzVor Monat

    All the people that disliked loved it so much they accidentally pressed the wrong one

  • DSBeastPlayz
    DSBeastPlayzVor Monat

    I love your channel! It’s really cool how you take care and love animals that are wild.

  • Royce Kalent
    Royce KalentVor Monat

    You are sweet i would’ve done the same as the fox did 😍

  • • l o n e l y •
    • l o n e l y •Vor Monat

    This is so wholesome!!! Awesome hair! Foxes are my favorite animal 🦊

  • Bentotca BS
    Bentotca BSVor Monat

    If the Joker and Finnegan made a plan together, after the plan they would laugh like this: Joker: Hahahahah Finnegan: Hehehehehe

  • Hoo Hoo
    Hoo HooVor Monat

    Leo is stealing Finnegan Fox Friday.

  • cocotheone
    cocotheoneVor Monat


  • MrShadowmario666
    MrShadowmario666Vor Monat

    How old is Finnegan

  • Gabel Pechstein
    Gabel PechsteinVor Monat

    You also got a ferret not😅

  • Gabel Pechstein
    Gabel PechsteinVor Monat

    Love that haircut look a little bit like scarlet Johansen in that movie Lucy...but F*** is the horse whisperer??.....Damn you are the Fox Whisperer... Greetings from Munich me the Cats and the squirrels enjoying this Channel ..Thanks

  • danny lin
    danny linVor Monat

    The macabre ocean gergely bow because vein reversely whistle aboard a nutty interactive. pretty, charming tin

  • Named
    NamedVor Monat

    I'd rather have the owner than the Fox..

  • Daran
    DaranVor Monat

    hi you should replace "" with in the description so it's clickable especially for the people on mobile devices ^_^

  • lasantha ranatunge
    lasantha ranatungeVor Monat


  • gachakim16
    gachakim16Vor Monat

    Finnegan is so cute😊😁😘😍

  • SMUG
    SMUGVor Monat

    I went in the shed and got me a shoe box and emptied out all the washers and nuts and screws and whatnot that were in it and I takened the little fellar and put him inside the box and buried him right there in a corner of the yard. That seemed more proper to me, I reckon.

  • GhANeC
    GhANeCVor Monat

    Your curly copper hair does look vivid and gorgeous. (You might want to just quickly fix that little “too” typo though)

  • Aurora Vessey
    Aurora VesseyVor Monat

    Atlas: *Comes to say hi* Also Atlas: *THUMP*

  • Kero Kero
    Kero KeroVor Monat

    Mikayla went full fox hair 😀

  • FairyRoblox
    FairyRobloxVor Monat


  • bonanzatime
    bonanzatimeVor Monat

    That fox den is so cool, I never saw one before. Thank you.

  • bonanzatime
    bonanzatimeVor Monat

    I want to vote for Finnegan Fox for President!

  • Frank Costanzo
    Frank CostanzoVor Monat

    I love the sound he makes when you pet him.

  • JustHere
    JustHereVor Monat

    I love that boy, Finnegan Fox! He has such personality and is so happy! I love them all. Finnegan though makes me smile the most and he loves you so much! He always lifts me up. Thank you for that.


    so cute

  • Arvetis
    ArvetisVor Monat

    Leo was hesitant to jump because he couldn't see behind the window ledge. Cats don't like jumping in that circumstance because they might end up falling an unknown distance on the other side.

  • tim and Fergus my dog
    tim and Fergus my dogVor Monat

    I love the fact the foxs roll over for a belly rub, like my Westie Fergus their so Vocal to i love that!!

  • Sovereign Brand
    Sovereign BrandVor Monat

    \-_-/ ty the hair

  • Sam Spade
    Sam SpadeVor Monat

    Love your foxes...but why do you reverse the videos? All the lettering is facing backwards.

  • Nikalin
    NikalinVor Monat


  • Bballscaron
    BballscaronVor Monat

    Holy eff Mikayla you’re literally glowing. You look so fricking amazing it’s so awesome to see you doing so well. God bless!

  • Ivar Obel
    Ivar ObelVor Monat

    I can't buy... (( how I can??

  • Markus R
    Markus RVor Monat

    Love the cute Videos of FINNEGAN FOX, but had to say: Mikayla, you are just a beautiful woman too - like your hair colour very much!!! Keep on doing your nice and important work!! Best greetings from Germany.

  • El nortal
    El nortalVor Monat

    Fox 🦊❤

  • Thor Sten
    Thor StenVor Monat

    😻🖤❤️💛🍂🐾Yeah..🍁Ich liebe es..

  • JStryker47
    JStryker47Vor Monat

    *Too* much affection. *TOO!*

  • MimiGaming
    MimiGamingVor Monat

    They laugh so adorable

  • justin gabriel
    justin gabrielVor Monat

    Are you Irish?

  • Mark Jones
    Mark JonesVor Monat

    Great video, with their holes do you have to make sure they cant tunnel out of the enclosure.

  • RumbleOfDrums
    RumbleOfDrumsVor Monat


  • Ember Lionel
    Ember LionelVor Monat

    Wow, your hair is so nice! I wish mine was that nice! Keep up the great work with Save a Fox.

  • Aamaliyah Khan
    Aamaliyah KhanVor Monat

    Leo in the window 😍😍

  • Jessica Wilson
    Jessica WilsonVor Monat

    im a kid

  • Jessica Wilson
    Jessica WilsonVor Monat

    i wut to be wif her

  • anthony issa
    anthony issaVor Monat

    I love all of the foxes, even Finnegan