Finnegan Fox steals my hat while Dixie the fox rides on my head




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    The imaginary asterisk temporarily share because diaphragm muhly deliver by a abiding innocent. clammy, fancy eggplant

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    Лисы заебись!

  • Aj
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    The owner: you like your new toy Finnegan: yeah The owner: *throws the toy* Finnegan: oh *sits down* The owner: go get your toy Finnegan: but you just threw it over there

  • Nightmare
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    make snowballs and have them run after it

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    Dixie: I am a hat! Muttias: But... now she has two hats... Finnegan: I'll fix that. **yoink**

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    Smash bros ultimate intro plays Finnegan fox : the original hehehehe Matthias : I’m fast as f boiiiii

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    See? Wearing fur can be perfectly humane (if you don't mind that your cap wiggles a bit)

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    fluff fox

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    You should auction the hat off.

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    it's a 2 fox operation xD

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    You're a nice fox mom

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    Maties acting like a car RUNNING over the toy

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    Goat yoga or fox yoga

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    Imagine driving in the road nearby and seeing a woman with a fox on her head chasing a fox carring an hat

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    Dixie looks like a floof! XD

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    "how dare you steal it" Fin: "Heee heee"

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    This is prolly my favorite video of yours. XD

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    Finnegan is lucky to have Mutt to bully - I am pretty sure if they stuck Finnegan in with Valentine he would be like "I remember the good 'ol days when I was the bully and not the bullied".

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    Foxes for cats Sam for cats Finnegan for cats (Sacă)

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    oh cute foxes it`s smart🤩

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    Wow you got lot of cars going by must be busy

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    How sweet Foxes can be! Like our children, and sometimes like us as adults!

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    Finn floof

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    Fox love snow and ice on it and I have a good ice snow

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    The foxes are so cute with their lil black boots and floofy tails! :3

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    Lol I luv it

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    In Greek folklore foxes (alepou) are thieves and I love them.

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    are these foxes you keep as pets friendly to people they dont know?

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    Vor 19 Tage

    They're not really pets. They're rescued or surrendered and people can adopt them.

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    i miss Dixie🤩

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    the chaos when Finnegan decides to steal her hat, and then Dixie riding on her head it's just *chef's kiss*

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    Foxes be like. Finn: Dixie sit on her head. Matthias lie down there and be cute to distract her. I'm gonna take her stuff and pee on it. Later world domination!

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    Hooman, “no thats my hat....!” Finn, “heee heee heee....”

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    I love the videos and how seeing happy and loved these foxes are!

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    I can’t even believe this is not clickbait 😳😳😳 lmao

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    Finnegan playing hide and seek with the "Save a Fox" beenie! Golden! #FinneganFoxBrat

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    You are SO extraordinarily wonderful and loving with the foxes. Bless you! Thank you!

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    I'll randomly be sitting chilling ya know. Then something in my mental goes.... Hmmmmmm... I wonder what's Finnegan been up to.. GOES to DElevel just to find him.. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😅😅😅😅😅

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    7:36 fox go hehehehe

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    Figgegan I look cute with a hat 🎩

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    A game is no fun... UNLESS THE STAKES ARE HIGH ENOUGH.

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    how long does it take to gain a fox trust?

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    Mikaela puts the hat on Finn* -Finn: Ok this is not funny anymore mom...

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    How is Dixie

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    From 5:00-5:03, you could tell that Fin and Dixie were planning something from their laughter. Dixie: "I'll distract her and you'll grab her hat...its easy. I took her phone now you take her hat. Haha". Fin: "HEHEHEHE. i love it. HEHEHEHE!!!" 6:26,- 6:36 Dixie: "Now, Fin!" Fin: "HEHEHE! Its mine now!!! HEHEHEHE!!!". i love these videos!!!1 Keep up with the great work, MS. M!!!!!

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    Their coats are gorgeous!

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    We need a camera man for better shots of the view

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    I’m gonna adopt him

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    You're so great with these animals :)

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    Its Amazing work! Hat down.

  • better late than never
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    Fin: "its my wubby"

    LORD XXRVor 27 Tage

    Que lindo eu adoro raposas e gosto de ver que tão sendo bem cuidadas

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    They got your number,girl.😂👍👍

  • Erin Watson
    Erin WatsonVor 28 Tage

    I find that a lot of people filming animals just sit quietly behind the camera but I gotta say, you talking to the foxes and having a good time with them is so sweet and your happiness is so infectious. It always puts me in a good mood to see your videos!

  • ray h.
    ray h.Vor 28 Tage

    I noticed they love to show off that they are faster than you, you might be bigger but... .can you do this ! lol

  • vampirenocturne
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    He is confused by the wearing of hat. 🦊

  • mwbright
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    There's an old film where you are foreshadowed called "Gone to Earth" on DElevel, where Jennifer Jones walks around with what looks like a clone of Mattias in her arms for almost the entire movie. It's not a comedy. You should watch it.

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    The ultimate combo the two fox thieves

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    I really read the title as "Finnegan Fox steals my hat while Dixie the fox becomes my new hat".

  • 42ayla
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    As comfy as the foxes look in the snow Muttias is obviously in his element. He's wonderful to watch.

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    Your animals are happy And you a crazy mamma

    XZYZD HORRORVor 29 Tage

    Someone should turn this into a childrens show.

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    7:35 Hee hee hee! (I stole your hat!)

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    I love Muttias

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    Love the foxes, so beautuful.

  • Ellen Exton
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    I am so looking forward to leaving this swamp (nyc) and its gestapo police. Real animals are far more HUMANE THAN SO-CALLED REAL HUMAN POLITICIANS AND COPS. WHO NEEDS THEM? NOT ME. I AM TIRED OF CONTROL FREAKS.

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    My parents "We can't have a dog" Me "I want a fox"

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    Vor 29 Tage

    (stolen comment ;-;)

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    Fin doing HEHEHEHE

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    The only right way to wear a fox hat! 🤩☺️❤️

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    watching these foxes is so therapeutic

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    How old is Finnegan? 🤔

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    Such beautiful creatures

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    how do you keep them from digging a hole underneath the fence?

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    If Finnegan was a ferret, she'd never see that hat again.... Until she checked his stash😄

  • Tom Polacek
    Tom PolacekVor Monat

    the writing on the shirt was shown in reverse when you showed it off

  • Luke McNamara
    Luke McNamaraVor Monat

    Dixie: *We’re going to steal Hooman’s hat! I’m going to knock it off her and you’re going to run away with it. It’ll be spectacular!* Finn: *No! I won’t take Hooman’s things from her like that. I’m a good fox!* Dixie: *What if she puts it on you afterwards?* Finn: 8:30

  • Luke McNamara
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    Those two are partners in crime

  • Jeff Osborne
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    I've never seen a fox so friendly. You are a natural. Best to you and the animals.

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    this is insanity stop making fox noises you aren't a fox!

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    sooooo cuuuuute!!!

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    Foxies watching this video "So what's your point?"

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    They are so fluffy with their winter coat

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    Oh my goodness I love you

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    January brings Super-Floofy tails!

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    Finnegan: Gets a shiny new toy Also Finnegan: Steals Hat

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    But the hat was yours, meaning it was his! And he didn't ruin it, he made it famous and now more saleable!

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    I think they want food, not toys.....

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    What morons put a thumbs down it’s a wonderful video showing these beautiful animals at play and their lovely carer!

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    Never trust a Finnegan Fox!!😃

  • Twobarpsi
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    Anyone else notice, Mikaela dyes her hair fox orange?

  • Twobarpsi
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    January = no skeeters!!

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    Vor 19 Tage

    @GangrenousGandalf miss him!

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    Vor 19 Tage

    Skeeter was adopted

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    God bless you and all the animals 🙏 🙏you are an angel 😇 finnegane 🦄🥰 it’s love 💖💖💖😘😘😘😘🦊💝🦊💝🦊💖🦊

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    Quite the playful habitat you made for them! Slides, tunnels, etc. they can really get to exercise. I love how they hunker down. Too cute.

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    Your foxes are so funny. Keep updating us.

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    Finnegan Fox just wanted Finnegan Fox merch

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    I’m watching this while my dog was trying to sleep. She picked up her head and glared when Makayla was squeaking the toy 😂

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    Is this really in Faribault?

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