Esmae fox gets pets and talks


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    That thumbnail is cursed

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    Esmae and Mala don't feature enough!

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    I like how Mala is just standing there, waiting for her turn

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    Aww, she's a raspy gurl. Still very precious though.

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    how do you convince your fox he isn't a cat dog hybrid?

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    They are so cute.

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    Hi I like the video

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    Esmae sure is a beautiful fox!

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    Esmae whenever she gets pets on the chin: ggggghhhhhhh, ggggghhhhhhh

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    Thank you both and all the foxes and staff for making everyday a little better

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    Sounds like she needs a glass of water

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    Emsea and Mala deserves infinite loves

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    0:17 That noise just about killed me XD

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    Her eyes are beautiful

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    Esmae has such beautiful eyes!!

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    Omg Mala looks like if she is totally in love with Mikayla ;D

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    Do you have a Twitter

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    HOW MANY NOICES DO FOXES MAKE murring, screaming, laughing, crying, barking, growling, grunting and now grrhhhhing

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    Mikayla: "Are you a cute girl? Yeah!" Esmae: .... *GREMLIN NOISES*

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    Esmae has beautiful bright eyes 🎵 _...turn around bright eyes..._ 🎶 -Bonnie Tyler

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    No one else gets to pet foxes quite like Mikayla... the face-squishing action is unparalleled!

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    My name!! E. S. May

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    Do I have something in my teefies, Momma?

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    My favorite of the fox ladies. Her name is awesome. Love her!

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    what a weirdo

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    Esmae’s been hanging out with the cats too long… no heehees, but attempts to purr like a cat at being petted

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    I just love that little head tilt from Mala when the camera pans to her

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    She is so relaxed knowing she's safe. So beautiful...

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    Why do foxes always make cute faces💙💙

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    I agree everone needs an Esmie and a Finnegan+Dixie ❤

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    Mala: "Hi. Me too." xD

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    Black foxes does speak other than red ones.

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    I kinda feel the way Esmae looks today! We need some sunny days badly here in NW Pennsylvania 😎☀️

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    0:31 i cant, look at that face 🥰🥰

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    So do you keep collars on all the foxes or just the ones you aren’t fostering?

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    Only on those foxes that don't hate collars

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    Esmae: *demonic Satan sounds * Everyone: Awwwwwwww! How could you not love that little demon face

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    Esmae's great

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    Esme and Mala are couple goals 💜🧡

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    Foxes are the scum of the earth, they all deserve to die, they killed my guinea pigs

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    How would a fox eat it if it was inside? Sounds like it was you just being an irresponsible pet owner. Or this is just a miserable cry for attention

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    How many animals did you kill? They need food like we do. Humans kill most animals in this world. We are the biggest scums.

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    bla bla bla bla❗And HUMAN ?! How many Childs and Animales they kill evry day ?!

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    Foxes are the scum of the earth, they all deserve to die, they killed my guinea pigs

  • Cthulhu
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    Foxes are the scum of the earth, they all deserve to die, they killed my guinea pigs

  • Cthulhu
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    Foxes are the scum of the earth, they all deserve to die, they killed my guinea pigs

  • Cthulhu
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    Foxes are the scum of the earth, they all deserve to die, they killed my guinea pigs

  • Cthulhu
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    Foxes are the scum of the earth, they all deserve to die, they killed my guinea pigs

  • Cthulhu
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    Foxes are the scum of the earth, they all deserve to die, they killed my guinea pigs

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    bla bla bla bla❗

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    Oh my God her little chirpy sounds😍🤗💜

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    Foxes are the scum of the earth, they all deserve to die, they killed my guinea pigs

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    bla bla bla bla ........................

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    I be seein' TOOFERS on that cutie Esmae

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    So cute ❤️

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    Absolutely beautiful you got all the cuties havent you they are sooo loved and well taken care of it just shines out of them how much love and TLC goes in to them 😍😍😍😍😍😍🏹🎯💯🌟💎🌟💎🌟💎🌟💎🌟💎🌟💎

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    0:30 that silent camera pan then seeing Mala was hilariously adorable!

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    Esmae 🤗

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    Who else agrees that mala just standing there was so damn cute?

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    Esmae has such a pretty face, as does Mala.

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    Esmae and Mala are always so chill

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    i didn't know esmae could talk. now i see, she is as talented as the main yard foxes. and mala is just so very precious and cute.

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    When petted she seem To be like "yeah, that's the spot thank you mom" so adorable ♡♡♡

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    That's a classic win-win situation right there

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    where is my friend?

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    so pretty💕

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    I dunno... I was kinda getting the impression you were kind disturbing Esmae a little bit, when she opened her mouth and made that grunty noise... it reminded me vaguely of when it bothered Dixie when you were trying to pet them when they were sleepy... I mean she sort of enjoyed the pet but she was still annoyed about it, the way she stared at you and the open mouth noise... would give me the vibe she wanted to be left alone

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    Those are just the sounds Esmae likes to make (she's made them in a couple of other videos). I'm pretty sure Esmae would've nipped at Mikayla or just tried to leave if she was really bothered.

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    Scary Esmae teeth though...

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    Esmae is the most regal fox.

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    I wish I could adopt a fox from saveafox but I can't because I live in India

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    Mala's just standing there like, "Ok so where are my pets?"

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    My favorite thing to watch, you giving the foxes such unconditional love and them throughly enjoying it.

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    Esmae loves you and really trusts you. So soul healing to watch this.

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    Rev that engine, Esmae!

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    show off

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    what does that mean when foxes make that noise?

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    That fang of hers awnnn

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    I wish that they had fox rollercoaster. That would be amazing

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    Cute🧸 What are you doing here

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    Downvoted by 9 foxes appalled by the lack of treats.

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    Aw so cute🤗

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    Esmae is in 7th Heaven with all of those calming pets.

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    I love her name

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    That look she gives you when you don't pet her. 0:34

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    I read the title as "Esmae fox gets paid and talks" and thought "Finally, the behind-the-scenes exposé of SaveAFox I've been waiting for!".

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    Mala's face! lol

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    She's such a beautiful vixen and the purple looks good on her

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    She was so relaxed. It’s probably hot and humid there. But mainly because she trusts and loves you

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    Mala looks so confused hahaha I love her

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    Was NOT expecting that.

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    0:17 Esmae: *motor starting sounds*

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    One moment their a dog, another moment their a cat.

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    Can Ethan pet these two Foxies? 🌚

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    Awe they get so much love from you lot, wonderful to see.

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    That fox likes massage, but not near the throat.

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    Gosh, that lopsided expression on Mala's face is too precious!