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  • lazare babunashvili
    lazare babunashviliVor 11 Tage

    She is so cute😍🥰

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan SmithVor 19 Tage

    So is the base of their coat black is that why occasionally when Dixe or Finn are pet the hair looks black? That’s pretty neat helps keep from sunburning I would think

    U2 HYPE / U2 TRIBUTEVor 22 Tage

    She's soo fluffy and cute

  • NekoHana
    NekoHanaVor 28 Tage

    Dixiedo is so beautiful. 😍

  • nkj777able
    nkj777ableVor Monat


  • Geiger373
    Geiger373Vor Monat

    Why don't you do them a favor and release a bunch of chickens into their habitat? I suppose that might be too messy for you.

  • ugly mad fat noob

    ugly mad fat noob

    Vor 16 Tage

    I just imagine a bunch of bloody feathers, and some fat foxes

  • Chris Werner
    Chris WernerVor Monat

    Dixie being nice ,where is the Vixie vid at?

  • Sayran Kader
    Sayran KaderVor Monat

    Weather Cuba so cute wow

  • Desi Gabrielle
    Desi GabrielleVor Monat

    What does the fox say? “Ladies and gentlemen...we got em”

  • Flo
    FloVor Monat

    delevel.info/stream/kaPOnY6mfpOLhGI/video.html lol this vid showed up on my dashboard, weird video by a fan of Dixie Do

  • DylaC
    DylaCVor Monat

    Aw. She really loves you.

  • Levi’s Gaming And Fun!
    Levi’s Gaming And Fun!Vor Monat

    I will rip anyone apart if it gives me finn amd dixiedo (ง'̀-'́)ง

  • pangaeus
    pangaeusVor Monat

    So incredibly cute

  • おまたジャグジー
    おまたジャグジーVor Monat

    Good fur

  • ranger rabbit
    ranger rabbitVor Monat

    1 word... floof

  • Sr Mázidot
    Sr MázidotVor Monat

    So cute >w

  • Vulpine407
    Vulpine407Vor Monat

    "Pet me, human. I, your fluffy overlord, demand it!"

  • _samurai kiritanpo
    _samurai kiritanpoVor Monat

    I wanna pet Dixiedo! In addition, I wonder what she smells like...

  • Bras Santos
    Bras SantosVor Monat


  • Christie Belawske
    Christie BelawskeVor Monat

    Dixie and Finn your Angels 😇

  • F1scheR
    F1scheRVor Monat

    Careful, this wild fox can bite you very hurtly

  • F1scheR


    Vor Monat

    @Dušan yeah sure... this fox must live in woods, not being prison fox in someone house

  • Dušan


    Vor Monat

    Dixie is not a wild fox

  • Susan Currie
    Susan CurrieVor Monat

    Dixie Diva fox!

  • mg820
    mg820Vor Monat

    So dear.

  • Âriš •
    Âriš •Vor Monat

    Dixie makes depression commit Alivn’t

  • Maybe Someday
    Maybe SomedayVor Monat

    Domestication is not a gene it is a laerned characteristic. 100% I can domesticate anything

  • T λ C O. phox
    T λ C O. phoxVor Monat

    Fox whiskers are like cat whiskers. Very big.

  • Damien Wade
    Damien WadeVor Monat


  • menslady125
    menslady125Vor Monat

    Awww, fluffy Dixie!

  • Ben silver.?
    Ben silver.?Vor Monat

    Never realized how massive her whiskers were

  • Huynh Jayden
    Huynh JaydenVor Monat

    Dixie in the end: NO MORE *bites*

  • Scott
    ScottVor Monat

    Gotta say, Dixie(do)'s a straight up beauty--inside and out!!

  • Sabina Machynia Życie po niemiecku PODCAST
    Sabina Machynia Życie po niemiecku PODCASTVor Monat

    Dixie is such a beauty !!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Hawken Valhalla
    Hawken ValhallaVor Monat

    rare Dixie pets

  • Dragon fan Kami
    Dragon fan KamiVor Monat

    Nothing better than chatting with a afternoon fox

  • What the What the 911
    What the What the 911Vor Monat

    Foxes are mysterious and ethereal killer a culmination of millions of years of evolution that are tailor made to eviscerate rodents in an instant Also foxes: 1:38

  • Ethan Flynn
    Ethan FlynnVor Monat

    Big whiskers

  • dancepiglover
    dancepigloverVor Monat

    You talk to animals the same way I do.

  • Eclipse
    EclipseVor Monat

    "hooman, why are you laying? I demand you raise yourself up so that I may rest my posterior upon your cranium...I mean HEHEHEHEHEHEH"

  • Kotar
    KotarVor Monat

    This is the most calm I have ever seen her. It's like she became Fin for a day.

  • just h3r3
    just h3r3Vor Monat

    She's so moody

  • Mysterious Whitey
    Mysterious WhiteyVor Monat

    So you had a video a few days ago with your Sophie Fox getting stuck in a tree but there was never any follow up after that situation. Was it just not really an issue and the fox could just easily come down any time it wanted to? And what about that other Fox that stays in that tree? I forgot that one's name. How is that one cared for? They all got to come down eventually right? There's no emergency is there? Well if there was I guess there's people to call for that. I don't know if it works the same way as in a movie I saw where the fire department gets animals out of trees.

  • Fart Hammer
    Fart HammerVor Monat


  • Holly Bronwyn
    Holly BronwynVor Monat

    Dixie is one stunning looking fox. A foxy lady. :D Ya have great taste, Finn.

  • The Russian Duck
    The Russian DuckVor Monat

    Might wanna keep the phone out of sight this time.

  • Jill B
    Jill BVor Monat

    Dixie seems so sweet

  • Edwin Jimenez
    Edwin JimenezVor Monat

    We should Have a Dixie Monday

  • WhıtƏ XX
    WhıtƏ XXVor Monat


  • A D
    A DVor Monat

    I love Dixie

  • Persiathiest
    PersiathiestVor Monat

    It's not possible to not hit like on this. I'm very conservative in doing that.

  • missmaja
    missmajaVor Monat

    Cutie pie.

  • djjd hüseyin
    djjd hüseyinVor Monat


  • Essence _rz
    Essence _rzVor Monat

    Dixie looks majestical at that angle

  • Duraid Hamed
    Duraid HamedVor Monat

    Very Cute /Baghdad Aftrnoon Mar 14 😍❤️🦊👍👌

  • roby s
    roby sVor Monat

    Now that's a happy fox

  • Simple Jack
    Simple JackVor Monat

    Dixie is so pretty but she's as mean as a rattlesnake!

  • Ute Hofert
    Ute HofertVor Monat

    Wieder ein schoenes Video von Dixie! Dem Reineke (Dixie) gefallen die Streicheleinheiten. Super!!!

  • Roula Grhgoropoulou
    Roula GrhgoropoulouVor Monat

    Ιτs so cute

  • Henrique Pozes
    Henrique PozesVor Monat

    Ohhhh cude

  • maszlagma
    maszlagmaVor Monat

    She's such a gorgeous fox! Is it me or she seems less moody and more friendly nowadays?

  • mangafa Meulenkamp
    mangafa MeulenkampVor Monat

    Aww Dixie is also cute and a naughty girl.

  • Andrew Worland
    Andrew WorlandVor Monat


  • Trisha Dayton
    Trisha DaytonVor Monat

    Dixie is so cute and she knows it

  • Riya Deshmukh
    Riya DeshmukhVor Monat

    She looks majestic in that sunlight. So beautiful Dixie ✨🦊

  • nyt on pakko
    nyt on pakkoVor Monat

    Its so cute!!

  • Ratte 2017
    Ratte 2017Vor Monat


  • CrniWuk
    CrniWukVor Monat

    Dixi is the foxiest fox that has ever foxed!

  • Nycot
    NycotVor Monat

    Dixie: Get up hooman so I may sit on your head!

  • wolfie L'Ps
    wolfie L'PsVor Monat


  • RyanBoyz
    RyanBoyzVor Monat

    Dixie: beautiful fox Finnegan: so chubby and fluffy

  • Paula
    PaulaVor Monat

    I really love dixiedo

  • Мах Хаким
    Мах ХакимVor Monat


  • Atleticornos Bruxa Do 71 de VespaziANUS
    Atleticornos Bruxa Do 71 de VespaziANUSVor Monat

    Brasil ❤❤❤❤❤

  • nYx
    nYxVor Monat

    DixieDo whiskers so pretty!

  • Great Life
    Great LifeVor Monat

    Adorable fox

  • Firecat34
    Firecat34Vor Monat


  • Nedeli
    NedeliVor Monat

    Dixie is just my favorite fox! 😭❤️

  • Great Life

    Great Life

    Vor Monat

    Hello I download my dog vedios I will appreciate you seeing them

  • Master Hip Hop Papua
    Master Hip Hop PapuaVor Monat

    He play hard to touch . Dixie and finnegan is very beautiful!

  • Paula Moura
    Paula MouraVor Monat

    Adorable 🥰💞🙏🏻

  • Grace N
    Grace NVor Monat

    Dixie stealing Mikayla's phone twice is halarious 😂💕🦊 I like Fin, Dixie, Mutt, Pan, Sophie, Felix the tree fox, Leo, Jagger, Cody ❤❤❤

  • Shuttletrain TED
    Shuttletrain TEDVor Monat

    The new DElevel sensation. Finnegan has been moved off.

  • Janja Vrbančič
    Janja VrbančičVor Monat

    Beautyfulllll short Movie!!!!❤️

  • Jemma Dallas
    Jemma DallasVor Monat

    Those whiskers are magical 💖

  • daddyquatro
    daddyquatroVor Monat

    I know Finnegan is the "star" but Dixie will always be my favorite. It's because of her I found SaveAFox

  • Moon light
    Moon lightVor Monat


  • ismail sari
    ismail sariVor Monat


  • sven schulte
    sven schulteVor Monat

    i never seeing dixi so chilled out before :D adorable :*

  • Tuhina Chatterjee
    Tuhina ChatterjeeVor Monat

    Dixci doo

  • Paleo World
    Paleo WorldVor Monat

    Kipper ?

  • Wayne Davis
    Wayne DavisVor Monat

    I love your foxes and my favourite is finagen

  • Fox Pro
    Fox ProVor Monat

    Something says it's impossible to adopt Dixie 😂

  • Cindy Clawford
    Cindy ClawfordVor Monat

    This was the most wholesome two minutes of my life 🥺❤️

  • عبدالله الحربي
    عبدالله الحربيVor Monat

    Dixie is confused that her throne is laying down

  • Mia The fnaf master UwU
    Mia The fnaf master UwUVor Monat


  • Juan Carlos Rojas Ospina
    Juan Carlos Rojas OspinaVor Monat

    Hellow,Mikayla,love Foxes...😺🌻💛😽😺💓💞

  • Γιώργος Φελέκης
    Γιώργος ΦελέκηςVor Monat

    Dixiedo is so beautiful

  • Duke
    DukeVor Monat

    Dixie :- ill keep my mouth open, who knows? I might catch a fly and eat it

  • Dean Arlington
    Dean ArlingtonVor Monat

    Aww look at Dixiedo sitting their lookin cute as usual :)

  • potterma63
    potterma63Vor Monat

    Such a pretty girl!

  • Daniel
    DanielVor Monat

    I have your tooth! Oh year?! I have your hand! *chomp* :D

  • Marilyn Mccord
    Marilyn MccordVor Monat

    What a beautiful fox!